Baboon: character and where he lives

Baboon: character and where he lives

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Let's not confuse the baboon with gorillas. We can love both but let's not make this mistake, in fact they are not two particularly similar animals even though we often hear them named side by side, or one instead of the other. Baboons are monkeys but they belong to the Cercopithecoidea family, not to that Hominoidea, so they should not be confused with the ancestors of man, among which we find the gorilla instead.

We can find these animals mainly in the continent of Africa, the other area in which they are present for the moment is the Arabian peninsula, I say for the moment because the one that lives there is a species at risk of extinction.
Most of the existing species live in Africa, let's get to know their characteristics and peculiarities.

Baboon: where it lives

The ideal environment for these monkeys is not unique, they thrive in different scenarios, most of which are present, not surprisingly, in the continent they live in. Baboons can live in the savannas as well as in areas where there is steppe, they are found well in sparse forests and, in some cases, even in semi-desert or rocky areas. Of the whole African continent, only the north-western part is not suitable for hosting animals that are basically very adaptable and capable of survive even in hostile environments.

Baboon: character

These animals are social and completely solitary, they usually create gods groups called packs and formed by at least 5 specimens. Let's not be surprised to see, however, also from 250: everything depends very trivially on the available resources, as well as on the variety of baboon we are observing.

As often happens in the monkey world, the hierarchies are very important in herd life and nothing happens by chance: you don't eat when and how you want, nor do you mate according to instinct. Each specimen is required to follow the rules, usually the elderly have priority for feeding and the strongest ones for reproduction.

One of the peculiarities of the social life of baboons is the grooming. Have you ever seen the young specimens combing through the older ones? It is not pure fun but a real "ritual" that follows the logic dictated by the hierarchical scale based on seniority.

Cunning is also part of the character of baboons, as well as a certain cunning. Like all monkeys, these animals are also decidedly intelligent, they know how to get by on many occasions, with truly surprising cunning.

Baboon: male and female

It is very simple to distinguish female specimens from male ones because there are extremely distinctive features. Males have much larger and more developed canines than their mates but if these were the only differences…. THE male baboons they are much larger in size, they can even weigh twice as much as the females, in some species the male also always has a peculiar mane which makes him very recognizable.

Let's now see what are the common aspects of the two sexes. Let's start from the muzzle, in both quite pronounced, with a protruding jaw. Also the eyes are always close and the coat can be of various colors, passing from brown, to yellow, to greenish, but it depends above all on the species to which it belongs.

Baboon: species

We talked about species, here are the five fundamental ones, different both for their physical appearance and for the areas in which they live. There are the guinea baboon, the black one, the yellow one and the green one, and finally the one called Amadriade.

THE guinea baboons they have a characteristic reddish or brownish coat that becomes totally black on the muzzle, they live in the western area of ​​Africa where there is mainly the savannah.

Let's move on to the black baboon, the largest of all, since it can weigh even more than 30 kilograms. If these monkeys are not black, they are very dark brick in color, especially on the back, and live in the southern part of the African continent, especially in Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. The yellow baboons have a coat that obviously tends to yellowish but keep the black color on the muzzle, they are not very large and have a physique that, without offense, should be defined stocky. The specimens of the green species certainly do not have green fur but to recognize them it is necessary to observe their snout, particular because it resembles that of a dog, with an elongated shape.

These animals mostly live in Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, where there is the savannah but also in wooded areas or where there is the steppe. The fifth species of baboon is the Amadriade, the only one for now to be considered at risk of extinction and which inhabits in Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Eritrea.

Baboon: books

Of all the animals, monkeys are certainly among those that most intrigue children. Here then a book to show them the main characteristics of these living beings, through wonderful photographs. On Amazon we find it for 13 euros, it is a useful and at the same time fun gift, suitable for cultivating a bit of love for nature and its creatures.

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