Garden path: practical solutions

Garden path: practical solutions

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How to make agarden pathcheap and affordable for everyone. Practical instructions for making a driveway in the courtyard or outside the house in full autonomy.

The space outsidehomecan be profoundly transformed by introducing adrivewayof stone (gravel) or new materials such as stone slabs, modular platforms, log sections, stones… These are economical solutions because they can be done with the DIY.

How to remove old concrete from the driveway

Aconcrete drivewayit's not always the best choice. Of course, concrete is cheap and easy to maintain, however if it is not taken care of in aesthetic terms, it risks making the garden ugly.

If you have a ruined concrete driveway, you can replace it by using natural materials able to enhance the vegetation and, at the same time, give stability to the passage. Well then how to remove concrete from the garden floor?

You need a demolition hammer (it is called motopicco and can be rented from the most specialized hardware stores) and a lot of manpower. Alternatively you will have to use a pickaxe but if the avenue in question is extended, this procedure is not recommended.

When removing the concrete from the floor, the resulting material must be immediately removed in order to make the effort more organized. Proceed one piece at a time and, gradually, collect the concrete that you managed to remove.

To finish the work ofremoval of the concrete floor, work on any underlying roots: you will have to sacrifice the most damaged and bulky ones so as to have a more or less level surface. Any chasms can be brought to the flat with thin inert materials (sand, fine gravel ...).

Once theold concrete, you can do agarden pathwith shingles, gravel or wood log sections.

Stone garden path

Thegarden paththe most common and easy to make is that in crushed stone. Gravel is undoubtedly the cheapest solution for making a garden path.

For thisdriveway of the house do it yourselfyou will need: gravel, gravel, two sheets of non-woven fabric and, in case of avenue near trees, also an anti-root felt. To find out how much gravel you need and how to proceed, I'll tell you how to drive: how to make a gravel driveway.

Garden path with beams and modular platforms

The modular platforms are very easy to manage. Beams and platforms create support surfaces that are well aligned with each other.

Before proceeding with the laying of the beams it is important to create a compact base. How to do?

  • Level your future wellgarden path, in the case of potholes, levels with ground to fill the gap.
  • Cover the surface to be used as a driveway with a layer of sand. Know it is not used to level but to better settle the bottom on the support point of the slabs or strips that you will install.
  • Assemble the floor to create a continuous walk.

These instructions are valid for both modular decks and other outdoor floors such as wooden planks, modular plastic planks or interlocking outdoor floors.

Wooden garden path

If you are an absolute DIY lover, you can prepare a garden path with sections of a log of wood. In this case the driveway to the house it will not be uniform and there will be interstitial spaces where the grass can grow. The aesthetic effect is more or less like the one in the photo above. In the interstices, the grass can be sown or transplanted ... You can also decide to let it grow spontaneously but for a better aesthetic effect, it is advisable to choose species intended for grass that are resistant to foot traffic.

Two are shown in the photos abovegarden pathswith dry laying. The dry laying of stones or terracotta strips is more complex but can still be completed with DIY.

For all the instructions on how to lay an outdoor floor to make a driveway outside the home, I suggest you read the guide ondo it yourself outdoor flooring where we focus on dry laying.

Garden path maintenance

Any type of garden path needs some type of maintenance. For example, in the case of a stone path (gravel), you will need to periodically rake and collect the coarser debris.

The plates may crack and must be replaced. The wooden elements cut in section must be painted with waterproofing impregnations and, periodically, the grass must be cut.

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