Blue rose: meaning

Blue rose: meaning

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Learn themeaningof the differentflowersgives you an extra weapon whenever you wantto communicatesomething. The language of flowers is a sort of code: each flower is associated with a meaning and first of all is the pink. Therepinkis considered thequeen of flowersand its meaning changes according to color.

Here is an important clarification. They do not exist in natureblue roses. If you want to grow one blue rose plant you have no chance! Just like the black rose, thepink blueit is obtained artificially, using dyes and inks.

Blue rose: how to get it

In 2004, some researchers managed - with genetic engineering - to obtainblue roses. The plants in question - genetically modified - contained high quantities of delphinidin, the pigment responsible for coloringblue. The GMO (genetically modified organism) obtained is a very pale blue. If GMOs are excluded, the varieties ofblue rosesselected by nurserymen, definedBlue Rose or Blue Moon, they are actually purple / lilac and notblue.

Thenhow do you get the blue rose?With real dyes. Roses lack a specific gene capable of producing the color blue, so even genetic engineering surrenders to the best results obtained with dyed roses. The blue rose is obtained by coloring white roses.

Efforts to getblue roseshave been so many that this flower represents theHoly Grailof the world of floriculture. Just for thecravesaccompanying its cultivation, the blue rose remains the dream of a wish never fulfilled.

How to make a blue rose

As stated, you cannot grow blue roses but you can artificially produce them. You need to get fresh white roses with a semi-closed bud. Make sure it has just been picked up.

You will also need to get some blue ink. You can experiment with the ink of pens or markers but these are not absorbed easily. Ideally, you should buy a dye for fabrics such as Aniline Blue or other water-soluble blue inks. Depending on the dye you will then have to dose it effectively but, in this case, it is better to exceed. Make sure the dye is water soluble.

Place the blue rose in 10 cm of water and dye. Leave 24 hours and make a cut of the stem (remove a few cm) put the flower back in the liquid and wait another 24 hours. At this point yourspink bluewill have formed.

Note: Remember to remove the leaves before starting the process.

Blue rose: meaning

Colorblueis traditionally associated with theroyal blood. Thus, themeaning of the blue rosedenotes royalty and nobility. Since they do not exist in nature, theblue rosesare enigmatic,symbolof mystery, charm and refinement. They express a desire for innovation and for new businesses. They symbolize thedesire to achieve the impossibleand that is whysymbolismthat blue rose is often chosen as the subject of tattoo (tattoo).

You got one as a gift pink blue and you're wonderingwhat does it mean?
You are probably the object of desire and attention from someone who thinks you are unattainable. The meaning of the blue rose is the impossible, something elusive and not necessarily physical. They can represent an introverted, hermetic and cryptic personality.

I remind you of the meaning of the rose: this flower represents charm, love, charm and enlightenment (knowledge, awareness, reflection ...). These characteristics are essential and belong to every rose, including the blue.

The blue rose is the emblem of acomplex personality,which does not allow for easy interpretation. Theblue rosesthey are admired as a pipe dream and can express even a simple one: you are mysteriously wonderful!

Blue rose: which means

To make it more complicated, themeaningmay vary according to the shade of blue. When the blue rose has purple veins, the flower represents the mystery to which it is addedambiguity.

When the blue rose has veins or shades of lilac, thesymbolismchanges: the flower in question is a clear appreciation, is associated with romanticism and expresses a crush, a falling in love and a desire for love.

For thesymbolismassociated withblue roses, these flowers can be used to demand and askdiscretion. A gift for a lover to ask forkeep quiet and keep the secret. There is a shade of secrecy around this flower.

In any shade of blue, therosegive a sense ofsurrealism.

As is clear, themeaningof this flower is very complex. To make a quick recap, thepink blueis a symbol of:

  • Mystery / riddle
  • Tenacity / desire to achieve the impossible
  • Secrecy / Discretion
  • Complexity / Introversion

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