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All information on the black bedbug, from the black and white bug (with white dots) to the black and red bug. Remedies to eliminate them and images for identification.

Thereblack bedbugis the latest to arrive in our garden, due to its origin, it is known asAsian bedbugand it is difficult toremove. Due to its marbled appearance, it is also described asbrown bedbug.

It looks like oneblack bedbugfrom the characteristicswhite dotson the lower edge of the body. This parasite is very damaging our local crops, so much so that we have already talked about it in a special entitledAsian bedbug, remedies. We continue to tell you about theblack bedbuggiving you more information.

Black bedbug or Asian bedbug

It is identified with the scientific name ofHalyomorpha halys,it's a small onebed bugwith an aggressive temperament and which was introduced for the first time, in Europe, in 2007. In Italy it arrived around 2012 even if the various sightings refer to different dates.

In our territory it is mainly present in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and in some locations in the Center-North. If you live in the south, you may have seen it in your garden: it is spreading rapidly and represents a new threat to the garden.

Thereblack bedbug orblack and white bedbug(due to its typical mottling), in adulthood it has a body measuring from 12-17 mm. Its body is of an almost "marbled" color, basically black but it is often also described asgray bedbugorbrown bedbug. The head is rectangular and the antennae are dark with light notches.

Black bug in the vegetable garden

This insect is very voracious: this is why it is better to remove it from the garden. If you have ornamental plants, it may end up in your house too. With its sucking apparatus it quickly empties the plant cells causing serious damage to the plant.

THEsymptomsof an infestation fromblack bed bugsthey are various and depend on the extent of the infestation itself. From small alterations of the leaf surface to more serious breaks, splits, yellowing of the leaves, vegetative decay to even affect the fruits where surface alterations are visible.

ThisAsian parasiteit affects many plant species, including fruit trees and open field crops (such as soy, corn, sunflower fields ...), it attacks many common horticultural species such as tomatoes, peppers and legumes.

With our climate, fortunately, it is able to perform one reproductive cycle per year. In the country of origin it takes between 4 and 6 generations. The real problem is that being an "alien species" on our territory there are not enough natural predators able to decimate it. Insectivorous birds able to prey on it are discouraged from approaching agricultural fields due to pollution and the massive use of pesticides.

In our garden, theblack bedbugit is most active between July and September.

Black bedbug in the house

If it is very common to see it in the vegetable garden in the hottest seasons, when temperatures start to stiffen, theblack bedbugcan seek shelter in your home. The black bug in the house should not cause you to be alarmed: this plant is harmful to the garden but does not attack humans. Of course, it is not pleasant to have plant parasites in the house, however, it becomes easy to remove it even mechanically.

How to get rid of the black bug

The colonies of black bed bugs they can reach important densities. Every single colony can give rise to large invasions that are difficult to manage in the garden. Due to this feature, theAsian bedbugit is considered a potential threat to local agriculture.

Each colony is made up of dozens and dozens of individuals and, under favorable conditions, infestations can reach even more impressive numbers.

For the treatment ofblack bedbugthe chemical fight with ad hoc pesticides is foreseen. As always, we support the use of natural remedies such as the use of a liquid solution given by water and natural Marseille soap. Prepare a highly concentrated aqueous solution to spray on infested plants. After 30 minutes of action, sprinkle water to rinse.

I remind you that like any water-based treatment, this too must be done away from the hot hours: perform the treatment early in the morning or in the evening.

Among other natural chemical remedies you can use againstAsian bedbug, there is neem oil which has an intense antiparasitic action, very useful in the vegetable garden. Neem oil is widely used in agriculture.

If you buy pure neem oil, remember that it must be diluted in water before use. Where to buy neem oil? At agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales, for the various proposals and to find out the price and opinions of farmers on neem oil, read the user reviews on "this Amazon page".

In the images above, it is shown how the color of theblack bedbug(or brown bug) in different light conditions. On the right, the body looks more black-gray, the bedbug is in a dimly lit house. On the left, it can be described as a brown bug because it is placed in full sun and the marbled body reflects warmer colors.

Red and black bedbug

In our country they are much more widespreadbedbugsgreen or black bedbugs with red spots. For the identification of these species (images, descriptions and remedies to eliminate the red and black bug), I refer you to the dedicated article: red and black bug.

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