Foot reflexology: how it works, benefits and map

Foot reflexology: how it works, benefits and map

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There foot reflexology what is it for and, above all, is it for? There are always some perplexities regarding this type of techniques which it is good to know to understand when they can be applied to obtain good results. It is obvious that it does not work for everything, like many drugs on the other hand, but it does work and can be a remedy you haven't thought of yet.

It is not a new gimmick, the foot reflexology has ancient origins and has been talked about since the times of ancient civilizations, especially in parts of Asia. There are also documents of various types that indicate that this technique was practiced even at the time of the pre-Columbian civilizations and also by the Indians. Just to understand it seems to have been found represented a fetus in the foot in a 6,000 year old graffiti located in Valcamonica.

We come to times closer to ours to the one to whom we owe modern foot reflexology: Ivan P. Pavlov, it is to him that this technique is attributed and also to an American otolaryngologist, William Fitzgerald, who was the first to codify some concepts in the field of foot reflexology. Later came the physiotherapist Eunice Ingham who is then the one who is considered the true founder of the modern reflexotherapy. But what is this technique based on? Now let's go find out.

Foot reflexology: how it works

Based on the exploitation of a detailed map of reflex zones located on the foot human the foot reflexology is a technique that uses massage on specific points of the foot to restore the body's balance. The classic cases in which it is useful with for example episodes of congestion and those of tension, attacks of back pain and cystitis and all permanent states of stress.

By massaging the foot you want to go and restore theenergy balance of the body, it is possible to do it because the massage is not casual, it stimulates and compresses specific points of the foot that are "reflective" or connected from the point of view of energy with the various organs and systems. There foot reflexology it can also exercise preventive action and intervention on any imbalances in the body, it is not just curative.

Foot reflexology: benefits

We have already anticipated what are the situations in which this technique is used and gives very visible benefits with excellent probabilities. When approaching these practices it is very important to understand that what they can and what they cannot heal that do not end up thinking that they are the panacea for all ills.

Foot reflexology is indicated for the most common pains: from back pain, to headaches, from states of stress to knee problems. There are also uses that we can call alternative and that can be experimented, I am referring for example to the fact that many with foot reflexology try to quit smoking or try to recover from insomnia. Some, many, have been successful and it costs nothing to try, if not the session we go to the expert who will massage our foot as desired. There reflexology it is also used to treat indigestion, cramps and even cellulite.

Foot reflexology: map

With an easy map we go to see how the various parts of our feet they are connected with the organs and the rest of the body, there are precise correlations which are not essential to know but which are interesting to explore.

Foot reflexology map of reflex points

Foot reflexology map

Foot reflexology map of the hand

Even the hand, but less than the foot, can be interesting to massage. In this case, the toes that are in the foot also play an important role too small to massage.

Foot reflexology: contraindications

Since it is a massage, it is good for everyone, it is what we often end up thinking underestimating the power of massages. Let's pay attention to instead how we treat our feet and we pay attention to the reactions that our body has undergone after a reflexology session in order to understand if it is for us,

There are some general contraindications to follow, for example the foot reflexology avoid treating pregnant women and during the menstrual cycle, it is also better not to carry out these powerful massages near meals. That said, if we are nervous or in pain, we can try this way by looking for an expert person to take care of us, giving us relief and it would also be the right opportunity to start treating our feet better even on a daily basis.

For those who practice reflexology in Italy, there is nonational legislative framework, the activity of reflexologist can still be exercised, provided that the principles of the code of ethics of theAIMO, which state that the reflexology operator does not make a diagnosis and does not prescribe drugs or treatments.

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