Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow Mountain, Peru

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There Rainbow Mountain it really is a rainbow and it is not a saying or a name invented at random to attract tourists. It is located in Peru, but we will see a similar one in China too. And it was posted by National Geographic among the 100 places to visit absolutely. I would also put it among the top 10 to visit because it really deserves to be admired from life if already in the picture it leaves us speechless.

It is a phenomenon of nature unique in the world, also called mountain of seven colors as well as rainbow, because its walls really take on many colors. Why does it happen? Because millions of years ago, metals such as iron, copper, dolomite, sulfur and hematite, who are responsible for this very noticeable rainbow effect.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru: where it is

We are a few kilometers from Cusco and there we must go, landing in Peru, in South America, to admire the Rainbow Mountain. It is necessary to make an ad hoc excursion that deserves to be done for the show it offers, unique in the world. Once in Peru you have to look for the Vinicunca mountain, in Andes mountain range, on the massif Ausangate, 100 km south-east of the city of Cusco. This area is full of other interesting destinations, so it will certainly not be a sacrifice to arrive here to see the rainbow mountain, indeed, it can be a good excuse that we are offering you to organize a vacation in Peru.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru: how to get there

As often happens, the wonders of nature they are not so easy to reach and even our mountain makes us sweat. It takes a lot of training and above all a lot of willpower to tackle a hike of trekking to Vinicunca. Often you first visit the other closest destinations such as Cusco and Machu Picchu, and then walk towards the Rainbow Mountain.

One of the solutions that almost everyone prefers, even if they would not choose it in other contexts, is the excursion organized by a local tour operator because you need a person who is expert and who knows how to approach the mountain. Once there, you will certainly have no problem finding the one that's right for us, usually you stay away for a whole day also because you get to the quota of about 5200 meters of altitude and you certainly cannot get up there as if nothing had happened with a private vehicle, fortunately.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru: precautions and contraindications

It is not a walk for everyone, the one that leads us to Rainbow Mountain, not good for anyone who is not in good physical shape because it tests a lot of muscle and endurance. Getting to the top exhausted is not the case and would not enjoy the panorama. It is also not recommended for all those who cannot go to the mountains for health reasons, it is certainly not the case that they go this far.

From the starting point to the top of the mountain there are about 1000 meters in altitude and the path is a continuous alternation of uphill stretches to flat stretches, usually we start in total 8 hours, between the ascent and descent, including the moment when you stop to admire and photograph the spectacle of sedimented stones and minerals that color the mountain in an unpredictable and almost unrepeatable way.

Rainbow Mountains: there are also in China

Vinicunca, translated from the Quechua language means "the mountain of seven colors ", and it is a wonder not to be missed but it is not the only one in the world, if we really want to be precise, even if it is perhaps the best known for a few years, before it was hidden under a thick layer of ice that had only left its colors could be perceived.
It is a rare rocky combination, a mix of materials such as iron, dolomite, sulfur, copper and hematite that if it had been studied at the table would not have been so interesting.

Something similar, with the same nature of the underlying phenomenon, is also found in China, in the mountains of "Chinese Danxia National Geological Park", a protected area located north-west of the Zhangye city, in Gansu province in northwestern China. We are along the mountain range of Qilian Shan and there are 510 square kilometers of rainbow. These are peaks and valleys, of natural pillars, towers, ravines, escarpments, valleys and waterfalls, all of different and unique colors, it is a truly immensely beautiful spectacle that can be visited relying on guides and a path of walkways and panoramic streets.

Today we see the result of a phenomenon that has at least begun 24 million years ago, during the orogenesis,with deposits of red sandstone and minerals then subjected to the action of tectonic plates and smoothed over time by wind and rain. It is worth going to visit one of the two rainbow places shortly since they are both becoming very touristy and the fear is that they may lose their charm if they are victims of mass tourism if it ever manages to reach these peaks that are certainly tiring for those who want "ready meals".

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