Posturology: what it is and what the posturologist treats

Posturology: what it is and what the posturologist treats

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There posturology it is a discipline aimed at identifying problems, anomalies and misalignments related to our posture and to implement a series of actions to achieve an optimal posture, capable of solving a long list of potentially connected disorders.

Posturology: what it cures

Posturology can help in the treatment of many diseases that decrease the quality of our life and decrease the efficiency of our mobility both in the course of daily life and in terms of performance and optimization of sports performance.

Here are some of the ailments that can be alleviated or completely cured through a posture adjustment:

  • Cervical
  • Stiffness and muscle aches
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Mail from the back
  • Tendinitis
  • Inflammation and pain in the shoulders (periarthritis and calcifications)
  • Arthrosis (hip, knee, ankle)
  • Hallux valgus
  • Pain in the plantar fascia and heel
  • Breathing deficits (shortness of breath and fatigue)

Incorrect posture: examples

The examples that lead to poor posture are numerous, here are some that many of you will surely find yourself in:

  • Shoulders hunched forward
  • Closure of the chest and rib cage
  • Head unbalanced or bent forward
  • Incorrect foot support
  • Pelvis inclination with consequent different height of the legs
  • Incorrect proportion of kyphosis (vertebral curve of the neck) and lordosis (vertebral curve of the lumbar)

In my case theposture analysis identified the tendency to sag the shoulders forward and close the rib cage.

A third problem that concerns my posture during the run (those who follow me and read me on IdeeGreen and on my social networks already know that I am a passionate runner) concerns the tendency to bend my head forward.

How to locate a qualified posturologist

On the Internet you will find dozens of posturology specialists but when it comes to important issues such as those concerning my health I always prefer to collect accurate information through my "trusted contacts" and above all I try to collect deferrals and feedback from people who have chosen a particular specialist and who have tried the therapies.

In my case, the choice was directed to Dr. Luca Corvi, Head of the physiotherapy department at Biomedic Clinic & Research.

His reference came to me through a friend who works at the shop specializing in sporting goods for runners, called La42 Runstation, in Viale Suzzani 283, in Milan.

At La42 Dr. Crows he also held a seminary that you can also see "videotaped" on Facebook, on this page:

In the seminar you can hear and see the techniques used by Luca with the feelings and comments of two "runners" who explained their difficulties and offered to test their posture and for "a first taste" of the technique proposed by the dr. Crows with some exercises that make use of SpiroTiger (official site:, a tool specifically designed to train the respiratory muscles, without overloading the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system.

SpiroTiger during the execution of the exercises provides resistance in and out of air without causing hyperventilation, training the respiratory muscles, so as to increase lung capacity and significantly reduce fatigue in daily activities and sports performance.

SpiroTiger the tool designed to train the respiratory muscles

The technique of Dr. Corvi therefore combines postural gymnastics (with movements of the spine in flexion, extension and torsion) with counter-resistance breathing (thanks to the help of SpiroTiger).

The result is an exercise that restores elasticity to the spine, restoring the correct and ideal curves, thus opening the shoulders and chest, relieving pressure on the cervical and increasing lung capacity.

Free postural assessment

If you wish to book a postural evaluation with Dr. Corvi can contact the Biomedic Clinic & Research directly by calling 031 - 928764 and explaining that you have read this article on our website.

If you prefer, you can also send an email to [email protected] or write first to our editorial staff at [email protected]

You will thus benefit from one free postural assessment and one demonstration session of postural / respiratory gymnastics with SpiroTiger also free with which to personally evaluate the goodness of this technique.

Furthermore, if after the evaluation and the free session you are satisfied and want to continue, reporting the promotional code ZU12RQ you can get 15% discount on the cost of the first paid session.

Duration of postural gymnastics treatment and postural gymnastics exercises

The duration of the therapeutic path of assisted postural gymnastics varies from person to person, in relation to the disorders and posture defects identified, age and other factors but in general, 5 to 8 sessions are sufficient to complete the realignment of posture.

During and after the therapy, the patient will be able to reap further benefits by performing at home, independently and without the aid of tools, a series of exercises which will be explained by dr. Crows always with the aim of optimizing their posture.

Orthopedic insole

Once you have obtained the realignment of your posture, the use of a customized orthopedic insole, ideal for maintaining the benefits in daily life over time and for maximizing sports performance in running for those interested. But I will write about this topic soon in a dedicated article!

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