How to unlock a lock

How to unlock a lock

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How to unlock a locked or spinning lock, tips for armored and non-armored doors. How to fix a rusty lock.

On this page we will seehow to unlock a lock that turns freelyorblockedbecause it is rusty or broken. Suchremediesthey must be applied only by those with good manual skills, otherwise the risk is big: getting stuck outside the home!

In case oflock lockedor capricious, it is advisable to be assisted by an expert who can identify and solve the problem without contraindications.

In the various paragraphs several typical cases are examined withremedies for stuck lock, however, when the door at risk is that of the door or main entrance, or onesecurity dooraccess to the house, it is recommended to remove the lock and take it to the hardware store or ask for an inspection by an expert.

Key that spins in the lock

This case, unfortunately, can be quite common especially when you are not using the original key but a copy.

If the copy is slightly imperfect, it may work in most cases but not always because thefacetsof the key do not always coincide perfectly with the cylinder. In this case, sometimes thekey spinsand on many attempts only one delivery can be effective. Be careful to replace the copy key as soon as possible using the original or making better-made copies. In the long run, a copy can damage the cylinders. This occurrence is highly unlikely because defective copies, generally, are unable to operate the opening cylinders mechanism. When thekey spinsit is more likely that the problem is related to wear or a defect in the mechanism of the lock or cylinder tooth. Even a worn cylinder can cause the wrench to engage only in certain points, causing no-blows.

If thekey spins in the door lock, as stated, the problem is generally linked to the cylinders or to the lock itself.

Before replace the defective lockit is possible to try to loosen the screws that hold the cylinder, remove it and turn it. Try to open and close the door (by loosening the cylinder screws you will have to act with the door already open). By turning the cylinder you can find the ideal position and finally tighten the cylinder by fixing the screws.

Warning! If you do not have a secondary entrance, this solution is not recommended as you risk being locked out of the house!

How to unlock a lock

It may happen that thedoor lockedit is only so on one side. That is, it is possibleopen the door from the outside but not from the insideor viceversa. In practice, thedoor is lockedon one side only. In this case, thedoor lockwith that particular type of double-map.

How to unlock a rusty lock

Forunlock a rusty lockyou do not need great knowledge, indeed, this is the “simplest” circumstance as the mechanism ofdoor lockisstuckfrom ferrous debris that, in the long run, have deposited preventing the "snap". Foropen a door with a rusty lockI suggest you read the articleHow to clean a lock. You will see that there are special products with high cleaning power on the market and that, if you used the classic Svitol, you made a big mistake as the sediments have not gone away at all!

What to do? Clean the lock using compressed air (on Amazon or at the hardware store you will find compressed air spray cans) and then apply a special dry lubricant.

Lock locked and key that does not turn

If the key is stuck in the lock, again you will have to use a dry lubricant trying to get it into the lock.

You should know that modern keys have small concavities which, if dirty, can clog the lock up toblock itso as to extract with difficulty.

If thelock is blocked and the key does not turn, be sure to clean the key and the lock thoroughly, then apply some dry lubricant. At the time of purchase, make sure that "Lubricate with PTFE" is written on the spray can. To get an idea of ​​the products and the cost of a can of dry lubricant, I invite you to visitthis Amazon page where you will see different proposals. Pay attention that the classic svitol is proposed both "dry", therefore suitable for use in locks because of PTFE, and with oils that retain impurities and can worsen the problem of the locked lock.

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