Lingual bacterial patina

Lingual bacterial patina

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Lingual bacterial patina: what are the causes of the white patina on the tongue and what to do to eliminate it. Natural remedies to eliminate the white lingual patina.

In most cases, to avoid it, just remember to wash your tongue!

Lingual bacterial patina, what it is and causes

Therewhite patina on the tongueit's a subtle onemovie(a film) produced by the metabolism of the bacterial flora that populate the oral cavity. In this context, the cause can be traced back to incorrect oral hygiene. Maybe you brush your teeth several times a day, but how many of these do you stop to brush your tongue too?

Such film can be completely normal, among thecausesmore common, in fact, is the desquamation of the oral mucosa, in practice the dead cells are deposited on the tongue forming that white layer.

Otherscauseswhich can foment the formation oflingual bacterial patinathey are connected to bad lifestyle habits. Smoking and alcohol abuse dehydrate the mucous membrane of the tongue which will tend to be discussed more quickly. Even a reduced water intake can be therecause of the lingual bacterial patina, try asking yourself this: how much water do you drink per day? Make sure you drink the right amount of water in addition to brushing your tongue when brushing your teeth.

Are you following a particular drug therapy? Some drug therapies can alter the bacterial flora of the oral cavity and cause the formation of a thin onewhite patina on the tongue. Antibiotics are among the drugs most often responsible.

White patina on the tongue: how to get rid of it

In these cases, you simply have to: drink more, brush your tongue and, if this is your case, maybe even quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake (this you should do regardless of the white tongue).

Foreliminate the bacterial film from the tongueyou can use a special tool forwash your tongue. Already, we Westerners are used to the toothbrush to provide the entire oral hygiene but, in many Asian countries, a tool that can guarantee perfect cleaning of the tongue is widespread. It is called a tongue cleaner and is an easy to use accessory.

This tool was created specifically for cleaning the tongue. The tongue cleaner is not difficult to use (just rub it on the tongue) but it is more difficult to find, in fact it is not easily found in the supermarket. Those who want to can take advantage of the online purchase, for example, “on this Amazon page” a copper tongue cleaner is offered at a price of 6.50 euros with free shipping costs.

White patina on the tongue: causes

After seeing what it is and dwelling on itcausesphysiological and more common of the white tongue we pass to what can be the causes pathological.

Therelingual bacterial patinait can be the expression of a pathological cause, the manifestation of an infection in progress. Typically, white tongue bacteria and fungi such as thrush (mycosis linked to candida albicans, also known as oral candidiasis) cause white tongue. Children and pregnant women are most at risk.

The white tongue can also be linked to herpes or to more serious diseases such as mononucleosis, in the latter case the white tongue is linked to an alteration of the bacterial balance of the oral mucosa.

Therebacterial film on the tongueit can also be linked to inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) or be the symptom of a trivial flu, pharyngitis or a cold symptom. The reason? If you have a congested nose and are prone to mouth breathing, the surface of the tongue will be poorly oxygenated and will tend to dry out. In this way, the anaerobic environment will facilitate the proliferation of those bacteria that cause thewhite patina on the tongue.

Other causes? Gastrointestinal disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis and ulcer can have repercussions on the oral cavity and also manifest themselves with awhite patina on the tongue.

It is clear that the causes can be multiple and to avoid any type of pathology it is important to consult your doctor in order to obtain the opinion of an expert.

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