White sea sauce

White sea sauce

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White sea sauce: recipe for an excellent seafood sauce for pasta and risotto. White sea ragout, without tomato.

Please note: this dish is often served in restaurants as "linguine with seafood" or "spaghetti with seafood" or "fresh pasta with seafood". The white sea sauce can also be used to season rice, but in this case you will have to prepare fish broth separately to cover the long cooking times of the rice.

White sea sauce

Thewhite sea ragoutit does not require the use of tomato puree, nor fresh tomatoes as the only condiment is given by seafood flavored with parsley and white wine. The recipe we will see is that of aseafood sauce for pasta and risotto, even if it is more suitable for fresh pasta which has faster cooking times. The recommended cuts of fresh pasta are spaghetti, fettuccine ... but it is also perfect for preparing the classicslinguine with seafood.

When preparing awhite sea ragout, the ingredients to pay close attention to is oil. Choose an extra virgin olive oil with an intense and decisive taste, avoid industrialized oils even if they are of famous brands. I advise you to choose an extra virgin olive oil perhaps produced in your area or obtained from guaranteed and certified cultivars.

The freshness of the products is also extremely important. Sure, you can focus on frozen seafood, but what's better than a walk to the port to choose shrimp, cuttlefish and clams? Maybe I make it so easy because I live on the sea :) however some linguine with seafood prepared with quality oil and fresh fish products, they taste priceless!

White sea sauce: recipe

Let's see the ingredients to prepare awhite sea ragoutfor 4 people.

  • 400 gr of clams
  • 400 gr of fresh mussels
  • 150 gr of cleaned cuttlefish
  • 2 medium sized squid, already cleaned
  • 14 prawns (or other medium / large sized prawns)
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 dl of white wine
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt

How to purge fresh clams
Typically, the clams you find in the supermarket's fish department are already partially purged. However, as a precaution, let them drain for at least 30 minutes, placed in cold water with a generous pinch of salt. Place them in the lower part of the refrigerator. At the time of use, rinse them several times to remove all the sand. If you have bought clams, I suggest you read the guide: how to purge clams.

How to clean mussels
Clean the mussels by scraping the shells. Eliminate that stalk that you see coming out of the valves trying to pull it completely.

White sea sauce: how it's made

In a saucepan, place the already cleaned mussels and add 4 coarsely chopped parsley stalks and half of the white wine. Cover the saucepan and cook over high heat until the valves open.

When the mussels are open, drain them, setting aside the liquid that you will need to filter in a colander.

Do the same with the clams: cook them over high heat with the remaining wine and chopped parsley, this time add a little oil. Also in this case, at the end of cooking, when the clams have opened, drain and set aside the filtered liquid. You can combine the liquid with that of the mussels.

Cut the already cleaned squid into small pieces (thus depriving them of purple skin, teeth and entrails). Rinse the cuttlefish and chop them as you did for the squid.

Remove the head and carapace of the prawns (or other shrimps), being careful to remove the line that runs through the body at the dorsal level.

Do these operations on a large cutting board or directly in the sink, so as not to dirty the kitchen!

Peel and chop the shallot, let it simmer in a pan with a lid where you have put 4 - 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Add the cuttlefish and finely chopped squid. Cook over high heat for 3 minutes, then add the liquid from the shellfish and cook for another 3 minutes. Add the shrimp, cook for another minute and then turn off. With the fire off, add the shelled mussels and clams and some with their shells to garnish the dish and make it more lively.

Sea sauce for pasta

Aside, cook the pasta and drain it "al dente"Ie 2-3 minutes before the cooking times indicated on the label. Finish cooking the pasta inwhite sea sauce. Add some chopped parsley, add a grind of pepper and serve!

Often this dish is served in restaurants as "linguine with seafood" or "spaghetti with seafood" or "fresh pasta with seafood“.

In the photo above, awhite sea ragoutused to dress spaghetti with cuttlefish ink.

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