How to cultivate a vegetable garden with children

How to cultivate a vegetable garden with children

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How to cultivate a vegetable garden with children: how to explain the garden to children, from the creative workshop to activities for all ages.

The importance of filling our children's afternoons with recreational, stimulating and formative activities is unparalleled and the vegetable garden, in this, can be an excellent ally.

Alsochildrenthey can be valuable helpers when it comes to cleaning, sowing and grow vegetables. There is no right age for learn the importance of the vegetable garden and carry out the most varied activities; However, one thing must be taken into consideration:

Before three years, the attention span of a child, in general, it is always less than 10 minutes! In other words, if with thevegetable garden manage to entertain yours children for 10 minutes straight… you did bingo!

Fortunately, the garden offers many different activities. In this way you can mark the time in different constructive activities:

  • Sow
  • Remove the weeds
  • Observe the first results (buds, fruits, flowers ...)

Then there are the garden activities that children prefer:

  • Dig with shovels or hands
  • playing with water (watering)
  • Bury the seeds as if they were treasures

How to explain the garden to children

A good educational farm allows children to relate to nature in a wayreactive. Man is not an observer but a participant and a builder: children can learn to milk a cow, feed chickens and hens and even pick fruit.

explain the garden to the childrenwith action. In the absence of an educational farm, a laboratory can be improvised by placing the classic bean seeds to sprout in cotton wool balls soaked in water.

The seed represents the fruit, the earth represents nourishment and the work of man (and of the child himself) represents the care to be given to anything. The child will learn that care is essential both to the seed and to the plant and, with enthusiasm, he will be able to witness the small miracle of life: germination, the transformation of small seeds into large and strong plants!

How to cultivate a vegetable garden with children

Whether it is about the garden at school, or whether it is about the garden at home, let the children participate from the very beginning: browse magazines or computer images and choose the plants to sow together. The child must feel himself the protagonist of this enterprise.

The well involved child will show his enthusiasm right away, as with any game.

Please note: Show the children realistic photos of plants, seeds and fruits and not too emphasized!

Always encourage i children, even when they imitate what you are doing, even if the results will be approximate or very messed up: it is important to encourage and value their work, this will strengthen their personality and paradoxically increase the manual skills of the child. On the contrary, a reproach or a simple pout can discourage the child, create a basic insecurity and inhibit him from manual activities.

If it is true that i children must learn the vegetable garden, you too have a lot to learn from children. You adults should see children as the same plants in the garden: the garden plants they must be fed with water and fertilizer, children must be fed with a good dose of "value" expressed with lots of smiles and phrases like "Bravo" and "Great job".

In the garden, let the children manage their own exclusive space, where they can experiment and play. This does not mean that you will have to leave the child to himself, but only support his initiative and help him achieve what he wants.

Forcultivate with children, remember to dress the little ones with comfortable clothing and… that can be spoiled! An old jumpsuit, boots if you want to farm in the winter, or shorts and beach slippers in the summer.

Remember that children do not share the same "table of values ​​as grown-ups" and mark the time as they like, which means that if the children pause for a few minutes to look at the same ant, you have to let them!

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