Lawn fertilization

Lawn fertilization

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Lawn fertilizationcalendarfertilization of the turf, month by month. How does the composition of the fertilizer change in the various seasons and in which months to administer the fertilizer.

Thefertilizerfor the lawn it should be administered in several months of the year. In this article I will give you alawn fertilization calendarbut first I'll start with basic concepts.

Best lawn fertilizer

There is no singleuniversal fertilizer to be administered, indiscriminately, at any time of the year. The best choice forfertilize the lawnprovides specific fertilizers with diversified formulations according to the season. For example, for theautumn fertilizationa fertilizer with a high potassium content prepares the lawn to face the winter cold, while in the summer an excess of nitrogen could cause an excessive growth of the lawn and force you to increase the cutting frequency. Let's see immediatelyhow to fertilize the lawnalways using the right compounds.

Lawn fertilization in winter

In winter, the lawn should not be fertilized. The first fertilization of the lawn is carried out between the end of March and the beginning of April, while the last fertilization of the year is carried out around October. From late autumn onwards, the lawn should not be fertilized!

Lawn fertilization calendar

To understandhow to fertilize the lawn, let's start immediately with a calendar in which, from time to time, I will indicate the best fertilizer to administer to the lawn based on the period.

Lawn fertilization: March and April

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, after you have provided for any re-sowing to thicken the lawn, you can carry out the first fertilization of the year.

At the beginning of spring, it is fertilized by administering afertilizerslow release and high nitrogen content as I explained in the articlehow to take care of the lawn in spring.

If you have fertilizer for fruit plants at home nitrophoskaor specific fertilizernitrophoska gold for lawn, you can use that. Generally the composition of the fertilizer to be administered to the lawn in spring is, such as:

  • 18 – 6 – 12
  • 20 – 5 – 15
  • 20 – 5 – 10

Among the various fertilizers on the market to use forfertilize the lawn in spring I would like to point out a good fertilizer that can be bought on Amazon at a price of 54.89 euros for a 25 kg bag. The yield is excellent because for thefertilization of the lawn in springjust distribute 30 grams per square meter. For all information on the product, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

Fertilization of the lawn: May

In the month of May the first fertilization must be repeated (same formulation seen above), the only difference is that you will have to slightly lower the doses compared to what is prescribed by the manufacturer. For the previous product, instead of administering 30 gr per square meter, 25 gr will be enough. In addition to fertilizer, in May it will be possible to carry out a treatment with specific anti-germination products for weeds in the lawn.

Fertilization of the lawn: June, July and August

Here begins thesummer fertilization. In summer, the fertilizer to be given to the lawn must not be high in nitrogen, otherwise, with high temperatures and longer hours of sun exposure, the lawn will tend to overgrow and the grass will tend to lose its green color. .

To have an evergreen lawn, in June or in any case with the summer fertilization of the lawn, a greening fertilizer, rich in potassium and enriched with iron, with a low nitrogen content, is administered. If you don't feel like buying three different products, use the fertilizer suitable for autumn for summer lawn fertilization!

Indeed, the fertilization calendar provides for a greening fertilizer for June and July, for August a liquid fertilizer with a very low nitrogen content. So, in theory, to make things perfect, you'd need a fertilizer for spring, one for early summer, one for the month of August when the mercury hits its highest peaks, and finally, one for early fall.

To facilitate this, many nurserymen recommend limiting fertilization to two types of fertilizer, one in spring and one in autumn, to be applied also in summer because it has a low nitrogen content and a high potassium content. Potassium protects plants from excessive heat (cold or heat).

Fertilization of the lawn, September, October and November

In these months, the last fertilizations of the year are carried out. As stated, you will need to administer afertilizerlow nitrogen content. Nitrogen promotes plant growth but, with the arrival of autumn, our aim is not to increase growth but to increase the resistance of the turf to cold.

Those who live in southern Italy can be late and perform the last onefertilization of the lawnin November, but only if the weather permits. It is important to administer the fertilizer before the cold arrives, so roughly in the first half of autumn. For more specific information on the product to use and the care to devote to the turf in autumn, I refer you to the guide:how to take care of the lawn in the fall. If you are looking for information on irrigating the lawn, the reference article is entitled:lawn irrigation

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