Remedies for cockroaches

Remedies for cockroaches

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Remedies for cockroaches: how to get rid of cockroaches with grandma's remedies and effective methods. How the cockroaches in the house and how to permanently remove them.

Cockroaches in the house

TheBeatlesare insects of the genus ofcockroaches. The most common species in Italian homes is theblatta orientalisalso known ascommon cockroach.

Thecockroachit has an average length of 2.5 cm, the color is shiny ranging from dark brown to black. The length of the body ranges from 1.8 cm to 2.9 cm for the largest males.

Thecockroachhas sexual dimorphism, so with a little attention, you will be able to understand if you have a male or female specimen in front of you. The male cockroach has longer wings than those of the female and also the body is elongated; the female cockroach has shorter wings and the body shape is wider. Despite the presence of wings, it is important to remember that theBeatles they can not to fly.

How do cockroaches get into the house?

If you've noticed anycockroaches in the house, perhaps on the floor of thekitchenovernight, you've probably wondered: why cockroaches come? Don't worry, if you have the cockroaches in the houseit doesn't mean that you necessarily live in a dirty environment.

It is true that thecockroachesthey can be indicators of poor hygiene but it is also true that they can enter our home in ways that have nothing to do with lack of cleaning.

Often, when we bring goods home, we can make ourselves carriers of this insect's eggs. Warehouses or supermarkets where they do not follow a rigorous and careful management of the goods, theBeatlesthey can find fertile ground and give birth to many colonies. When cockroaches lay their eggs, they are wrapped in aooteca, that is, a kind of pod that adheres to a surface (it is glued by anal secretions). When we bring a product that features a beetle ooteca indoors, we allow the eggs to hatch in the home environment.

The ootheca have a blackish-brown color, are about 10 mm long and house 16-18 eggs. In practice, by bringing home a contaminated cardboard or packaging, you may have allowed access to as many as 16 - 18 cockroaches!

Alternatively, theBeatlesthey are able to penetrate the home environment through cracks in the walls or holes in water pipes. If your neighbor has cockroaches, chances are they can get to you as well, ditto if they've just done building renovations in rooms like the basement, boiler, garage or storage room.

Thelife cycle of the cockroachit has three stages. egg, nymph and adult. The nymph is very similar to the cockroach adult, it has only small dimensions and poorly developed wings.

Cockroaches in the kitchen at night

Cockroaches shy away from light, for this reason, they come out only at night and can often be noticed at night, in the kitchen, ready to hide at the first appearance of light.

Before seeing thenatural remedies to get rid of cockroacheswe want to ask you one more question: it really iscockroachesor other insects? In the photo below, on the far right, the adult larva of the pasta or flour moth is represented.

For all the information on how to eliminate these insects that some call cockroaches but are not, we refer you to the guide: meal moths.

Remedies for cockroaches

After seeinghow cockroaches get into the house, their life cycle and why they only roam in the kitchen at night, we'll explain right awayhow to defeat themand remove them from the house.

TheBeatlesthey prefer placesdark and damp. They love to feed on protein clusters or decaying organic matter. They live very well near the holes of thepipesplumbing or sewer systems, ready to go out just to hunt for food.

Theredisinfestation of cockroaches, by large pest control companies, it is done by exploiting the heat, low temperatures or by introducing non-toxic gases into the house. Only rarely are insecticides used. Unfortunately, the domestic reality is very different and too often, instead of tryingnatural remedies for cockroaches, people tend to useinsecticides ignoring the risks to the environment and human health.

Foreliminate the cockroaches from the houseyou will have to:

  • kill adult cockroaches.
  • Eliminate any food residue or make it inaccessible by placing it in airtight containers.
  • Plug all cracks in the walls.
  • Seal the openings adjacent to the water pipes or other ducts (just use a ready-to-use putty, you can also buy it on Amazon for a few euros!).
  • Seal the sink pipes with the stopper and, weekly, pour a pot of boiling water into the duct.
  • Disinfect the house with ethyl alcohol.

Also, check the packaging, parcels and everything else you have in the house and go hunting for roach eggs (ootecas) to destroy them. The oothecae (cockroach eggs) are visible to the naked eye, are about 10 mm long and brownish in color.

In trying to get rid of cockroaches from the kitchen or the house, you will have to excel in cleaning: eliminate any organic residue! This means, if you have dogs or cats, you will need to empty and clean the litter box daily and keep the bowl with food, just for the time your pet is feeding. The same goes for the water bowl.

Cockroaches, natural remedies with vinegar

Is vinegar effective in warding off cockroaches? Yes, but no more than alcohol could be. Between grandmother's remedies to eliminate cockroaches from the kitchenvinegar is included. It is possible that this substance can act as anatural repellent against cockroaches, however, to sanitize the home we recommend the use of alcohol as it has a higher disinfectant power than vinegar.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Among othersremedies for cockroacheswe inform you of the existence of special traps. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and it is therefore difficult to identify them and eliminate them. Traps will basically do the dirty work for you by catching cockroaches lurking in the kitchen, basement, and under the furniture in the house.

At “this Amazon address” you can find a large number of traps to catch and eliminate cockroaches in the house.

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