Azalea, how to care

Azalea, how to care

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Azalea, how to care, how to prune it and which fertilizer to use. What to do if the azalea does not bloom or has yellow leaves. Instructions for growing azalea at home or in the garden.

L'Azaleait has become the symbol of the fight against cancer or, more generally, of research. If you were given aazaleaand you don't know howcure it, this article is for you herehow azalea is cared for.

Azalea with yellow leaves, how to care

If yoursazaleapresentsyellowed leavesordiscolored leaves, there may be several explanations:

  • Disease
  • Water loss
  • Unsuitable soil pH
  • Lack of nutrients in the soil
  • Incorrect exposure

If the leaves appear yellowed or discolored, and you are irrigating the azaleas with tap water, you have probably created a soil pH imbalance that does not allow the plant to absorb all the nutrients needed for leaf greening and photosynthesis.

What to do? Irrigate the plant with distilled water (that of the conditioner is perfect) or rain water and, remember to administer a specific fertilizer for acidophilic plants. Universal fertilizer can do more harm than good to acidophilic plants.

Yellowing can also be caused by a potassium deficiency. In the paragraph dedicated to the fertilizer for azaleas we point out a good fertilizer capable of providing all the microelements necessary for this plant. If theazalea does not bloom or has yellow leaves, administer it immediately and repeat after 15 days.

Azalea does not bloom

If the azalea does not bloom, the causes may be related to poor exposure (does it get enough light?cultivationis in partial shade, try moving the plant where it receives the most light). Also in this case, give a fertilizer for acidophilic plants which by providing potassium will stimulate flowering.

How to prune the azalea

The azalea does not need a real pruning. These plants are woody shrubs with a long yield. Those with a green thumb have the opportunity to preserve hers azalea for more and more years by moving it to a sheltered position during the coldest periods of the year.

Between carea bland figure is to be dedicated to the plantpruning. To prune the azalea you have to cut all the dead branches, those that grow not in line with the trend of the plant (therefore towards the inside of the shrub, removing light and air) and above all, to treating an azalea in a correct way, it is necessary to eliminate the dried and faded flowers. This operation must be done after seasonal flowering.

How azalea is treated: irrigation

The Azaleas they are native to Japan and China, they grow in regions where it rains a lot but, like all plants, they hate water stagnation.

When to irrigate the azalea? Just look at the color of the soil: when watering, make sure you darken the soil with plenty of water, but equally make sure you do not give the plant an excess of water that can accumulate. The soil of the pot must never be arid, frequent watering accompanied by a good draining soil represent the ideal condition.

Azalea, indoor or outdoor plant?It all depends on the temperatures

L'azalea can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, in the garden, it all depends on the development temperatures.

The azalea grows well at a temperature of 20-25 degrees. A higher temperature will shorten the duration of the flowering while a lower temperature will slow down the vegetative activity by extending the period of flowering. Around the middle of May it is possible, throughout Italy, cultivate theazalea outside, even by planting it in the open ground. It's possibleplanting azalea in the gardentransferring it to the flower bed, as long as it is well lit but not in direct contact with the sun's rays. Also in this case the soil must be well drained and with an acid reaction.

How to grow azalea at home

If you prefer growing azalea at home, know that this plant can grow well on the veranda, in a cool and very bright space. When planting in pots, it is better to prefer a slightly acidic soil, especially if you are going to irrigate the plant with calcareous tap water.

Place the pot in a very bright environment but not close to windows exposed directly to the sun. The pot should be placed in rooms where there is good air humidity: excessively dry air makes the plant more sensitive to possible thermal shocks. To avoid this phenomenon, carry out many air changes and do it in the hottest hours of the day in winter and in the coolest hours in summer. In theory, with the increase in temperature that occurs between late April and early May, you should take the azalea outside ... but no one forbids you to keep it indoors, always keeping in mind its climatic and exposure needs.

Fertilizer for azaleas

As for the fertilizer, the azaleas they prefer a fertilizer that can provide nutrients and regulate the pH reaction of the soil. In fact, azalea is an acidophilic plant and only grows well if the soil has a low pH.

If at home you already have a specific fertilizer for orchids, rhododendrons or geraniums, you can use that but absolutely you cannot use the classic universal fertilizer or fertilizer for flowering plants. If you don't have fertilizers for acidophilic plants at home, choose a specific one for azaleas, you can easily buy it at garden centers or by taking advantage of the online purchase.

For example, a very good onefertilizer for azaleas able to reduce the pH of the soil (so it will make your life easier if you irrigate the plants with tap water) and able to provide all the specific nutrients for plant growth and flowering, you can buy it on Amazon at a price of 17.29 euros with shipping costs free. For all information on the fertilizer mentioned, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

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