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Do it yourself dye

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Do it yourself dye: how to prepare natural dyes to make hair color more uniform. From egg to cloves, here are the do-it-yourself recipes for shiny hair with a bright, even color.

If at the sight of the first white hair the first thing that comes to mind is to run for cover through a specific dyeing, know that you should not exaggerate: the dyeing represents a small stress for the health of your hair, excess with chemical treatments could make you run the risk of generating important prejudices on the well-being of the hair.

Fortunately, it is not always necessary to resort to these treatments by your reference couiffeur to be able cover white hair and discolored: there are so many recipes home made to allow you to create do it yourself dyes particularly effective, economical and - above all - respectful of your skin and your hair.

Note: in this article we will see "dyes" designed to improve the natural color of the hair, useful in the case of the very first White hair or bleached hair / discolored hair from chlorine, plates and sun. If you need themnatural dyes to color white hairwe invite you to visit these pages:

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Do-it-yourself tincture with chamomile

The first natural diy dye that we recommend is the one based on chamomile: a flower that can turn into an important natural dye, and which is especially suitable for blond hair who want to regain greater brilliance.

Making a do it yourself dye based on chamomile is really simple. In fact, all that needs to be done is to make an infusion (in short, as if you are preparing to drink it!) And dip a brush in it to then pass on the hair. The more you pass you repeat on the hair, and the more the color obtained will be clear and shiny.

DIY dye with lemon

Always with reference to blond hair or, in any case, to hair that wish to have a lighter shade, a recurring advice can only be to proceed with a DIY lemon-based dye.

Making it is really simple: pour the juice of two lemons into a saucepan of water and make a sort of infusion. Then take a brush and gradually sprinkle the hair with this substance, working on dry hair.

DIY sage tincture

So far, we have had the opportunity to propose some do-it-yourself dyes mainly usable by women and men who have light hair. However, the need to cover some white hair is also common to people who have darker hair. And just for them, there is a truly formidable natural dye, based on sage. But how is it prepared?

Also in this case, the realization is really immediate: it will be enough to take some sage leaves and leave them in an infusion with water. Once you have the desired liquid, take a brush and sprinkle the infusion on the hair, passing over each lock several times. Wait at least 30 minutes and then rinse with fresh water.

DIY dyeing with walnut shells

Here's one dyeing really effective, and not known to everyone. Take some walnut shells and crush them in a mortar, obtaining a chopped pulp that will be boiled in a saucepan of water. To maximize the effect, also place alder leaves in the water. Once the infusion is obtained, pass the substance over the hair with the usual brush, until you notice that the color becomes uniform. This tincture can notcover white hairbut to make the pre-existing color more homogeneous and luminous.

DIY dyeing with cloves

The last do it yourself dye that we want to share with you all is based on cloves: the result is guaranteed, but the methods of realization are a little longer and more complex. In fact, you have to prepare the cloves (or buy them directly at the herbalist's shop) and make an infusion with the methods we have already seen in the last few lines.

Once this is done, you should have a bit of patience: you must in fact leave the infusion to refrigerate for at least a week, also taking care to regularly shake the container in which you have placed the infusion: at the end of this period of time you can use the mixture on your hair, to get a discreet gray hair coverage.

At this conclusive point of our in-depth analysis, we can only remind you how important it is to try to constantly worry about the health of your hair: a priority that should exceed any other element of dedication, including the preference for gray hair coverage.

The above should therefore lead you to avoid any kind of extreme or unnatural intervention: the risk of obtaining results far from those hoped for, and harmful to the hair, is far from far away.

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