Outdoor winter blooms

Outdoor winter blooms

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Outdoor winter blooms: here are the garden plants (or to grow on the balcony) that show off beautiful flowers in winter.

We continue to talk about the plants that bloom in winter and we do it with all the garden shrubs that, in the coldest period of the year, show off beautiful flowers.

Thewinter bloomsthey are able to brighten up the garden and balcony even in the bareest months such as December, January and February. Some plants thatthey bloom in winterthey are perfect for creating low flower beds, this is the case of violets, gaultherie (also known as Canadian tea) and cyclamen, perfectwinter blooms for flower beds. If you want to get indoor winter blooms, you can read the guide on how to grow narcissus, where we explain how to induce early flowering.

Those interested in enriching the flower beds with colors, can evaluate the cultivation ofAbelia, this plant does not givewinter bloomsbut in this period it offers red berries along with interesting foliage. Returning towinter blooms,the most tenacious can cultivate the late varieties of plants that bloom in autumn, in particular the flower bulbs that give very colorfulbloomsuntil late December. Bulbs are perfect for garden beds.

Indoor and outdoor winter blooms, list

In this paragraph we will provide you with a list of plants that bloom in winter and with which to prepare aflowerbed in winter or set up flower boxes on the balcony. In the next paragraph, we will talk about garden shrubs.

  • Flower bulbs
    Choose the late varieties indicated in the articleFlowers in autumn.
  • Cyclamen
    Cyclamen are able to give flowers all year round, even in the winter months. Cyclamen should be transplanted into pots with fresh soil with a clay base and placed in a bright area.
  • Chrysanthemums
    They blossom as a giftbloomswith yellow and white hues. Flowering begins with the month of November and the later varieties continue to bloom with winter.
  • Winter flowering camellias
    Camellias a winter flowering are plants that give beautiful fragrant flowers braving the cold and frost ofwinter.
  • Christmas Star
    Par excellence, it represents the icon of cold, snow and Christmas. This plant bears large red leaves that sprout in the winter. If you have a poinsettia at home, you might be interested in our guide article onhow to make the poinsettia bloom again.
  • Calendula
    Therefloweringof the marigold is maximum in the mild climate seasons but some varieties can give great satisfaction even in winter. As a rule, in winter, the blooms are less abundant with small but still lively flowers. To encourage a cycle of blooms continuous, which can also be perpetuated in winter, it will be necessary to choose the suitable varieties and adopt a gradual sowing starting from the month of May.
  • Heather
    It lends itself well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Heather gives abundantbloomsthroughout the autumn period ewinter. The leaves that are particularly decorative are also appreciated.
  • Christmas cactus
    To prolong thefloweringof the Christmas Cactus in the periodwinter, it is recommended to place it in a bright room. The ideal temperature to promotefloweringit is around 20 ° C.

Other plants awinter flowering: mahonia with its Asian cluster flowers, St. Joseph's jasmine with its yellow blooms, Daphne with its generous pink flowers and the mighty calicanthus, more suitable for growing in the garden.

Garden plants that bloom in winter

Among the plants fromwinter flowering gardenwe point out the Gravillea. Cultivating the gravillea is simple, there are many varieties and among these there are those awinter flowering. ThereGrevillea juniperina, for example, giveflowersin late winter. Other late varieties can perpetuate thefloweringfrom the end of summer, up to the month of December.

Viburnum bodnatense. Viburnum can also give impressive winter blooms. It reaches 2 - 3 meters in height with flowers that bloom between January and February depending on the latitude.

The Edgeworthia chrysantha species (in the first photo above) has golden yellow flowers, very fragrant, gathered in globose bunches and which develop on bare branches. It reaches a height of 150 - 200 cm.

The Hamamelis mollis species, better known as witch hazel, is a shrub that can reach 3 - 4 meters in height. It has large leaves and blooms between December and January.

Lonicera fragrantissima, it is a shrubby honeysuckle that can reach 3 meters in height. Very resistant to cold and with fragrant flowers that bloom between January and February. this plant is very fragrant. You can admire the flowers in the photo below.

The sarcococca is smaller and does not exceed 50 cm in height. It is suitable for tall flower beds: it is an evergreen plant to be grown in the most shady areas of the garden. Its botanical name is Sarcococca confusa and it produces small white flowers. The flowers, very small (only 5 mm) are numerous but above all they emanate an intense sweet scent.

Theoutdoor winter flowering plantsjust listed, they producefragrant flowers. To make the most of this feature, you could grow these plants near doors and windows or in passageways in the garden.

Where to buy winter flowering plants?

For the purchase of the fragrant plants that bloom in winter, you can contact your trusted nursery or take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, for example, a well-developed shrub of the Lonicera fragrantissima is offered for around 25 euros (shipping costs included) while the sarcococca can be bought for around 15 euros (shipping costs included). For your research and all information, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

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