Granuloma: meaning and causes

Granuloma: meaning and causes

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Granuloma, dental or other, it is not necessarily something alarming even if it ends with "oma" and may remember other terms that you always hope not to hear.

Granuloma: meaning

We talk about granuloma to define an injury due to chronic inflammation that leads to the formation of nodules. There are different types of formations, it depends on the type of stimulus that causes their birth, they can also be infectious and neoplastic, it must be understood from time to time before reacting.

What the different have in common types of granuloma is the fact that they consist of an intense proliferation of cells caused by the most different situations, with different symptoms and in various areas. In fact we find the dental granuloma, that inguinal, that eosinophil, that annular, that umbilical and then that tuberculous.

Granuloma: tooth

This proliferation of cells at the dental level is due to chronic inflammation, it is often the consequence of a caries not treated immediately. What happens is that the bacteria that proliferate if no one fights them, they spread deep into the tooth and invade it. The pulp cells are destroyed and granuloma is formed.

It can give much discomfort or pain but it is not certain, it is important to intervene because it is the signal of an untreated inflammation. The tooth is in fact a reservoir of infection, the bacteria can spread from there to other parts and cause more damage.

Granuloma annulare

The annular one consists of formation of lesions or reddish bumps in the shape of rings, it therefore concerns the skin. The causes can be related to the appearance of some minor skin nodules or to the use of drugs, the symptoms are instead very variable.

On the hands they can appear very localized circular lesions, similarly it can happen on the feet, wrists and ankles, but there are also gods annular granulomas of a more generalized form that can affect the trunk, arms and legs. There subcutaneous form it also creates nodules under the skin but should not be confused with inguinal granuloma which it affects genitals instead

Foreign body granuloma

If you feel the presence of small foreign bodies, for example in the case of the tooth form, they can be the cause of this cell formation. Our body tries to encapsulate them and then reabsorb or expel them.

It should therefore be clarified that the granuloma it is not a disease in itself but a signal of an advanced stage of a process that can be inflammatory or destructive. It is the body's reaction to a problem. The most common forms are pyogenic and dental, less common are tuberculous and syphiloma.

Navel piercing granuloma

When getting a piercing, even if by a professional, it is important to check how and where and not to panic if in this case it forms a scar-like bump. It is not a scar and it is not something serious or abnormal.

It's about a benign neoplasm, not of tumor tissue, and forms close to the piercing as it can form in the presence of any type of wound. The cells that make up this bump are intended to heal the wound, or the piercing, were born with this purpose but for various reasons they have become hypertrophic and have increased both in number and in size.

If we want to be calm, we consult a doctor or dermatologist who will be able to examine our bump by telling us whether or not it is a granuloma.

Granuloma: causes

Seeing the various types of granuloma it is now clear that there is no single cause or even a single remedy. It can be a immunological phenomenon, of an infectious process or a triggered "defense" reaction of our body from a wound or a foreign body, even a splinter, for example. There are cell protrusions that also derive sa viruses and fungi, parasites and bacteria.

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