Air control in indoor cultivation

Air control in indoor cultivation

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Air control in indoor cultivation, essential to obtain satisfactory results, whether it is our first time, whether it is the umpteenth. It is always a delicate matter that must be managed and the ones chosen suitable accessories to ensure that unexpected events do not happen. In indoor cultivation it is very important that there is good ventilation, a factor that clearly affects the quality of plants.

Air control in indoor cultivation: why it matters

If when we grow plants outdoors we have to rely in part on the weather conditions of the day and the season, in indoor cultivation the air and its characteristics become a controllable element. How we check it determines the quality of the results and therefore the quantity of satisfaction that we can derive from our hobby or occupation.

It is not "only air" that you control but you go to adjust variations such as temperature and humidity which affect the fate of plants by deciding whether the cultivation environment is favorable to them or not.

There are some basic rules to know, for example, I notice that the hot air rises while the cold one descends, it is advisable to place the air extractor in the upper part because it has to throw out as much hot air as possible so that there is recirculation. This means making sure that indoor temperatures and humidity can decrease while remaining within the appropriate values.

For air control in indoor cultivation you also need an aspirator, always in order to keep humidity, the temperature generated by the lamp and the recirculation of Co2 under control. If you don't give the right attention to indoor recirculation, yes risks causing the suffocation of the plant making it wither or in any case grow little and badly.

Beyond to the extractor and aspirator, in indoor cultivation there are also numerous articles and accessories used to eliminate unpleasant odors, reduce noise and automate the air extraction and ventilation process.

Grow box: humidity, temperature and ventilation control

For those who decide to experiment with indoor cultivation, there is grow box, really a practical and comfortable solution to grow plants indoors, even if you don't have a whole room to dedicate to them. There are many sizes and types, boxes for every type of house and also to the different techniques that we may want to use: hydroponics, aeroponics, in earth, in coir or with other types of substrates and systems.

Inserted in a room, Grow box does not bother and does not make all the space unusable due to odors or light, or humidity: it is robust, easy to assemble and internally lined with Diamond Mylar cloth and outside with a very thick black cloth that makes it "harmless". For the convenience of the indoor grower, there are also pockets, sleeves and windows so everything remains compact around the box, without the various accessories creating clutter in the room.

Air control in indoor cultivation: the role of vacuums and extractors

Understanding that air control is not an aspect to be neglected, indeed, it is essential for success, let's see what role they play the extractor and the aspirator.

The second is for ensure the necessary air exchange, otherwise the plant fails to produce carbohydrates for the vegetative phase. There are numerous types to choose from, it is not the purpose but the size of the blades, the shape, the speed, the air handling capacity, the engine power and the air flow that vary, but also noise and electrical absorption they are not factors to be overlooked.

The extractors they are equally indispensable, they serve for regulate the temperature, air circulation and humidity in an environment, specifically in the grow room. For example, we find them also used in blind bathrooms or when it is necessary to extract fumes.

Air control extractors: where to buy them

They are essential, it is important to choose them of quality ... where to buy them? From Indoor cultivation you will find quality air extractors, of the highest quality and which also boast the merit of being very silent. This aspect should not be underestimated, since the grow box could be at our side perhaps in the studio where we spend many hours of the day, a continuous hum from a low quality extractor would be really irritating.

An indoor grower with a brand new grow box, or ready to set up a grow room, just has to consult the catalog online dedicated to air extractors to find the most suitable for your specific case.

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