Fish for fresh aquarium

Fish for fresh aquarium

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Fish for fresh aquarium: which fish can be introduced into a tropical aquarium. The list and advice for beginners.

Those who want to populate a tropical aquarium will have to equip themselves with everything they need to make the work come true. You will need a properly sized tank, a filter, a bottom, some vegetation, a heater with a thermostat and, of course, somefish for fresh aquarium. The choice is very high and there is no shortage of resistant fish, easy to breed and more suitable for beginners.

Fish for fresh aquariums, the list

Here is the list of 40 fish that you can place in your freshwater aquarium.

  1. Labidochromis caeruleus (yellow cichlid, pictured above)
  2. Sciaenochromis fryeri (blue cichlid)
  3. Betta splendens (hunter fish)
  4. Carassius auratus and the many subspecies
  5. Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (cichlid)
  6. Lombard climate metrics (cichlid)
  7. Corydoras paleatus (fish that cleans the seabed)
  8. Brochis splendens
  9. Brachydanio kerri
  10. Symphysodon and sp. (Discus)
  11. Tanichthys albonubes
  12. Corydoras aeneus (bottom cleaner fish)
  13. Trichogaster leeri
  14. Peckoltia vermiculata (bottom and glass cleaner fish)
  15. Peckoltia sp. platyrhyncha (a cleaner fish sp.)
  16. Puntius tetrazona
  17. Puntius titteya
  18. Puntius conchonius
  19. Pterophyllum
  20. Macropodus opercularis
  21. Cyphotilapia frontosa
  22. Poecilia reticulata (lemon Guppy and colorful guppies)
  23. Poecilia latipinna (Molly)
  24. Tilapia butterkofferi
  25. Tropheus duboisii
  26. Annostomus anostomus
  27. Tetraodon travancoricus
  28. Mastacembelus erthrotaenia
  29. Acutirostre ctenopoma
  30. Luciocephalus pulcher
  31. Doryichthys martensii
  32. Tetraodon lineatus
  33. Apteronotus albifrons
  34. Eigenmannia virescens
  35. Badis badis
  36. Kryptopterus bicirrhis (ghost fish)
  37. Datnioides unidecimaradiatus
  38. Xenentodon cancels it
  39. Pantodon buchholzi
  40. Luciocephalus aura
  41. Paracheirodon innesi
  42. All GloFish species

How many fish can you put in an aquarium?

It all depends on the type of fish you intend to breed and the size of the aquarium. For example, in a 125 liter tank, you could put only two Discus (Symphysodon…) and a series of small side fish such as, for example, Neon (Paracheirodon innesi).

To get an idea of ​​the number of fish you can add to an aquarium of 100 or more liters, you need to know the size of the fish you intend to host ... but not how you see them in the shop! You have to evaluate their size at the peak of maximum development. Discus are sedentary, so seeing them you might think they don't need a lot of space, but in the aquarium they can easily reach the size of 15 cm. An 85 cm aquarium and 125 liters of water can be useful for hosting only two of these specimens.

Like discus, most cichlids need space for growth. Theyellow cichlidshown in the photo above is known as a cichlidYellowit reaches a maximum length of 8 cm and can be kept with many other fish.

Hardy and easy to keep fish for beginners

Certainly iGuppy they are easy to keep fish, resistant and above all that give great satisfaction. By purchasing them in the ratio 1: 3 (1 male every 3 females) you will have continuous reproductions! It will be a must to set up a "delivery room" because adult guppies can feed on offspring.

There are many colors of Guppy and the male specimens of some subspecies have an even more pronounced fan tail.

Unusual fish for fresh aquarium

In the list above, from the twentieth fish onwards there are more unusual tropical freshwater fish. Among the desired but rare aquarium fish there is Freshwater shark

The species Ctenopoma acutirostre (leopard fish or Leopard Ctenopoma) needs very large aquariums, behaves like a skilled predator and is quite long-lived: in the aquarium it can survive for more than 15 years. It is the first shown in the images in this paragraph (photo above).

Even more spectacular is the freshwater puffer fish, Tetraodon Lineatus, shown in the photo below. Very long-lived (it can live more than 15 years) but also very demanding: it needs a large tank because it can reach 45 cm in length.


These are lab-created fish. They are genetically modified to be colorful and fluorescent. As fascinating as genetic engineering can be, we do not recommend buying it. Nearly 200 species of fish with biofluorescence have been observed in nature, if you are attracted to fluorescence you can choose neon.

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