Brie Shepherd Dog

Brie Shepherd Dog

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Also called Briard, or Brie Shepherd, the Brie sheepdog it is medium-sized animal, very muscular and well proportioned. Its appearance is really nice, it seems a perfect subject to be transformed into a comic, it is not yet very popular in Italy but comes from France and ... we hope that we will also be depopulated! Let's get to know him.

Brie Shepherd Dog

The standard of this breed was set in 1897 although it has been known for a long time before, it would seem even fin from the time of Charlemagne. Of course, it was not very widespread, it had a surge in the second half of the 19th century, becoming one of the favorite races of many famous people.

Today his fame is great, all over the world, but the numbers are not as high as one might think, since it is moreover an active dog, ready for action, strong and rustic, yet elegant. As a character he is balanced and sensitive, determined and autonomous but fond of family and flock, if he has one to lead.

Brie Sheepdog: Protective temperament

Whether it's a flock or a family, this shepherd dog exhibits an extremely protective attitude that few of his colleagues have. Demonstrates great attachment to the family, as soon as he arrives he appoints himself guardian and guard dog, if there is a child he becomes his favorite protege. It is no coincidence that it is often used for pet-therapy.

The character of the Brie sheepdog is good and docile, he can be shy with those he does not know, but then he becomes affectionate and playful, never aggressive.

Brie shepherd dog: characteristics

Resistant and robust, his physique is enviable. This dog can run up to 70-80km a day, which is why he found himself hired as courier during the First World War, today, however, his talent makes him win agility competitions and excel in first aid operations.

His coat is long and goat, a lot resistant and "disheveled", it can be fawn or black but always homogeneous, its course is elegant and has something mysterious and fascinating.

Brie Shepherd Dog: Breeding

Most of the farms of Brie sheepdog are in France, the first were those to prepare him to do the sentinel during the WWI, fortunately today he is bred to act as a guardian or shepherd and, even more often, to be with the family and guard.

It is always important to keep it in shape, with 350 grams of meat per day, boiled rice and vegetables.

Brie Sheepdog: puppies

The puppies of Brie sheepdog they have a considerable size, counting that as adults they can become really big. A male reaches a height of 62-68 cm at the withers, a female of 56-64 cm, the average weight is 30 Kg. When choosing a puppy or buying one, be aware of what they are more serious defects for this breed, those with the perpendicular, the coat too light or of insufficient length, those with the hair that may appear too soft or woolly.

Brie sheepdog: price

A puppy of this shepherd dog, healthy and with a good pedigree, it can cost from 900 euros upwards.

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