German shepherd with short hair: character and puppies

German shepherd with short hair: character and puppies

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Short-haired German Shepherd, one of the most common and loved dogs, also thanks to some of their appearances on TV in famous films, but not only. They are really smart and sweet dogs, and aesthetically beautiful. They have an elongated and powerful body, are medium or large in size and have a robust and solid bone structure. Do you remember them in the episodes of Rin Tin Tin and Commissioner Rex? Here, it's them.

Short-haired German shepherd: characteristics

Often also said Wolfhound due to its resemblance to this noble animal, the German Shepherd it proceeds with its trot even when walking, it has very muscular hind limbs. Compared toLong-haired German Shepherd, the short-haired one is on average less robust, more slender and resistant. Its coat is particularly hard and compact and it never exceeds 5 cm in length.

Short-haired German shepherd: character

Calm and balanced, this German Shepherd he is an intelligent dog and you can see it immediately, from the first glance it gives us, from the movements it makes. His disposition is good, despite his wolf face, he has no aggressive instincts unless you breed it on purpose to become one. There are some owners who on purpose make these dogs so because they guard but if the Short-haired German Shepherd is raised in the family, with love, education and dignity, is very peaceful, sweet with children and loving in the family.

Short-haired German Shepherd: puppies

The average life of a Short-haired German Shepherd is between 10 and 12 years old, the sexual maturity of the puppies arrives after a maximum of one year. From the very beginning, they are cute little dogs, whether they are trained as service, guard or companion dogs.

At home, make sure you can allow short-haired German Shepherd puppies to be outdoors a lot, better then if they have a garden at their disposal because from an early age they do not like being in too narrow spaces. Among the most frequent defects of German Shepherd short-haired puppies are the hip dysplasia, otitis, deafness, Von Willebrand's disease and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

German short-haired shepherd: breeding

The first case of breeding of German Shepherd dates back to 1899 and at that time the German Dog Society in Augsburg. Obtained by mixing different breeds of shepherd dogs already present in the central and southern part of Germany, the short-haired German Shepherd breed was born to be agile, strong, sturdy and highly intelligent, as well as versatile, so that she could be trained for different purposes. It is important, even today, that who it raises and who it becomes owner of a German Shepherd is a serene, balanced and prone to tranquility person.

Black short-haired German shepherd

In the breed standards there is the black version, it is not among the most popular but it is much loved. It actually has a look charming and elegant.

German Shepherd with light short hair

The clear version of the Short-haired German Shepherd it's not that clear: let's not imagine a white or cream-colored dog. Specimens of this type have the dark gray hair on the back and on the mask with light and beige shades.

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