How to maintain a tan

How to maintain a tan

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How to maintain a tan it is a question that is asked towards the end of the summer even if it would be better to start thinking about it at the beginning, since some strategies are "preventive". Let's see what can be done when the season is almost over and what tricks we can instead write down for future summers.

How to maintain a tan

The tan is maintained by eating, by eating foods that contain suitable substances. You recognize them because they have a orange or yellow color and they are mostly fruits and or vegetables. We find in the recommended list carrots, peppers, mangoes, apricots but also red fruits and dried fruit.

When seasoning the dishes, let's remember that the olive oil it helps our body to maintain good hydration and therefore also tanning. During the summer it is useful to understand how to maintain a tan, drink water and some centrifuged to immediately have a soft and hydrated skin, even thedetox water it's perfect.

Once you have returned from vacation, thinking about how to keep your tan, it is good to try to stay outdoors as much as possible, as far as we can afford it. When taking a shower, to avoid rubbing the towel on the skin, it is better to dab gently.

How to keep your tan for a long time

To make the longest possible tan better avoid too hot baths which in the long run dry the skin and can lead to flaking. In reverse use a natural exfoliant it helps to keep the tan because it eliminates dead cells and leaves the skin hydrated.

So "goodbye tanning!", Better take quick showers with warm water. In addition to hot water, an enemy of those who want to learn how to maintain a tan is the air conditioning, always for the same reason: it dries the skin and damages the tan. THE perfumes that contain alcohol dry the skin a lot and can be replaced by more delicate perfumed waters.

How to maintain a tan: cream

Even the cream gives one hand when it comes to tanning and is not only needed after but also before and during the summer. A good protective cream is a prelude to an amber or golden skin that will last a long time if we continue to smear with quality and suitable products.

We must make sure we avoid sunburn and of stay with skin hydrated throughout the season, once back, we continue to take care of our tan with after sun and skin creams like this one from Nourishing after-sun bilboa with calendula, also available on Amazon for 13 euros, in packs of 200 ml.

How to maintain a tan: lamps

They are not needed for maintain a tan but there are those who prefer this to other less "invasive" strategies. The advice is to don't overdo the exposures, one lamp a week is enough and we choose a center that makes it safe and hygienic. Usually for the maintenance of the tanned color they are done high pressure lamps.

How to maintain a tan: natural products

Among the most effective skin oils, when it comes to how to maintain a tan, we find that of wheat germ, excellent for cleansing and moisturizing the face, and that of avocado, with which to massage the body every evening also mixing it with a few drops of jojoba or olive oil.

Products based on Shea butter they are very used to maintaining the tan if applied in the evening, after a shower, while the shower or bath can be done by adding the tender which brings out the color almost immediately. In high demand at the end of summer, creams and oils with walnut husk, natural dye, or the aloe vera gel that makes tan lasting by moisturizing and perfuming the skin every day.

How to keep your tan while reading

Even a good book can help keep a nice tan as it can keep us company without getting bored while we are in the sun. So here are some umbrella readings, there is something for everyone. Those who love being by the sea and reading about the sea but not the usual sea can be invited to the beautiful bed & breakfast of the Two Tired Sirens by reading the book by Federica Brunini "Two mermaids in a glass“.

Instead, there are people who wait for the summer to read "tough" books that don't necessarily have to be great old classics like Anna Karenina or Il Rosso e il Nero but also modern, current books that leave a certain mark in the soul. Others that sign of the costume on a tan. I refer for example to the excellent book by Tara Westover: "The education“.

Just out, light but deep at the same time, an excellent tanning companion is also the new book by the Japanese Banana Yoshimoto: The Donguri sisters. These are just a couple, actually three titled tips, but the advice I ask you to listen to is more general: read! By magic, in my opinion, tanning lasts longer, it is an unproven hypothesis of mine but which I support with conviction,

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