Tips to eat healthy without obsessing

Tips to eat healthy without obsessing

Organic food has obsessed a significant percentage of the population in recent years, achieving the reverse effect of its purpose, health. According to experts, you have to consume organic products for wellness, eat healthy, but consistently.

In recent years, the concern about eating healthy has increased, either because it is "fashionable" or because a true conscience has been acquired. However, this attitude is becoming an obsession, producing the opposite effect.

In Fresco en tu Casa, platform on-line integrated in EspacioOrgánico that sells boxes with healthy and ecological ingredients, so that its users can prepare, in less than 30 minutes, the recipes that their specialists design, show a series of tips to eat healthy without becoming obsessed.

Obsession for healthy food: Orthodexy

The fascination for healthy eating is called "orthorexia", a term created by the American doctor Steven Bratman, because he became obsessed with food until he ate only freshly picked vegetables or chewed each bite fifty times.

Although the word is not included in the dictionary or classified as a clinical disease, the term has become popular and the World Health Organization itself warns of its danger, since 28% of the population of developed countries is affected by it obsession with healthy food. In addition, it is not a disorder that influences certain profiles such as athletes or models, but anyone can be affected.

It can be very harmful to people

These diets that promote healthy eating in a severe way, achieve the opposite. Taken to the extreme, they can cause malnutrition or lead to other diseases such as anorexia.

Like everything in life, the secret is in balance. Food is undoubtedly a source of health, but also an exciting delight. “If our relationship with food becomes suffering, we are not doing something right. To guide us, we can consult a nutritionist, who will indicate the best foods for health and recommend the quality products that best come to our body ", they point out from Fresco en tu Casa.

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