The tobacco business

The tobacco business

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Smoking cigarettes is buying death. The big business of tobacco companies worldwide is to sell nicotine addiction to all sick people, who buy the dirt from smoking in the blink of an eye.

Even a child with the worst mental retardation knows that cigarette smoking is bad for health. Beyond intellectual disability and cognitive disability, the brain of any child with Down syndrome can fully understand that cigarette smoking reduces the life expectancy of all consumers.

In fact, everyone knows that smoking cigarettes causes cancer-causing diseases for consumers, but much of the world buys and enjoys smoking daily, the sacred flavor that is inhaled and exhaled through the fierce wolf's mouth.

We are sure that smoking cigarettes is buying death. Every day we buy death, because they sell it at a great price, and because self-destructive tendencies are so free and so legal, as wasting the miracle of life for a moment of euphoric nicotine.

There is a worldwide consensus on the harm to health caused by cigarettes. It is very difficult for all humanity to share the same criteria, but both heavy smokers and sporadic smokers are aware of the serious damage that cigarettes causes to the human body, and they accept that they live imprisoned in error.

Why do we smoke?

But if smoking is so bad for your health, then several questions arise: Why do millions of people smoke cigarettes daily? Who says that smoking cigarettes destroys the quality of life of the individual? Why is the purchase and sale of cigarettes on the streets not prohibited?

Undoubtedly we are faced with valuable questions, which must be answered in order to find the light of truth, and to counter the great smoke of ignorance and its darkness.

The young, the adults, the elderly. Everyone smokes cigarettes, and it feels good to smoke those cigarettes, because today I feel more alive than ever, to enjoy the rebelliousness of youth, to struggle with the work of maturity, and to forget sad old age.

Chinese and Americans, black and white, men and women, atheists and religious. The cigarette is not rejected and it is not discriminated against by anyone. Everyone raises the classic pair of fingers, to hold the scar firmly from beginning to end, and then trample on the memory of bitterness with the shoe, the boot or the heel.

All people who voluntarily decide to smoke cigarettes are conditioned to an eventual negative event or to a permanent negative event, which causes the loss of the ability to discern, and produces a mistake in reasoning.

All people who fall into the vicious circle of cigarettes share the same emotional negativity, which can be the consequence of anxiety, depression, social marginalization, work stress, lack of self-esteem, crisis economic, heartbreak, bullying, envy, and any other negative factor that punishes the mental health of the victims.

Smoking cigarettes is losing mental health, it is losing physical health, and it is losing spiritual health. Behind a cigarette smoker hides the repression of feelings that are inclined to anger, pain and guilt.

When we receive an insult that we do not deserve to receive, we generally mistreat the next person who talks to us, even though that person was not to blame for our anger. It is a very common reflex action in society, which symbolizes the thirst for revenge that we all have inside.

As we do not apologize, that offended person will seek out and offend another individual, in order to retaliate for the unjust offense received. It is a story that repeats itself ad infinitum, and usually occurs unconsciously in most citizens.

The same situation occurs with smoking. After smoking cigarettes, we want other people to smoke like us too, being a clear sign of revenge on the part of the smoker, which is hidden in a supposed bond of empathy and friendship.

We see that the tobacco industry capitalizes on that need for revenge, and that is why cigarettes are so popular and so coveted, because they subtly represent the violence of the community.

Tell a smoker that cigarettes are bad for your health. The smoker feels ashamed because he knows that you are right, and may react with insults, blush, remain silent, threaten to attack, or flee from the place where he was smoking.

The victims are not aware of the perpetrator, because they do not yet know the enemy's saliva, they do not know the enemy's throat, and they do not know the enemy's tongue.

Smokers think that a simple cigarette is not bad for their health, because they assume that it is better to smoke cigarettes than to smoke other harmful drugs such as cocaine, heroin and morphine.

Once you decide to smoke cigarettes, and cough up the combustion you feel for the first time, you start to feel more confident, more alert, more invigorated. The lack of personal security suffered by the smoker is alleviated with the psychological deception that the cigarette makes you feel, causing the false illusion of greater self-control, greater concentration, and greater disinhibition.

That's why smoking cigarettes ends up being a need, an obsession, an addiction. A toxic drug that I must consume to be able to live 24 hours a day, to be able to socialize within my environment, to be able to comply with domestic obligations, and even to be able to silence those voices inside my head, which reject the absurd decision to smoke.

I cannot stop smoking, because simply the cigarette took over my life, it controls my will, it controls my thoughts, it controls my mind, it controls my body, it controls my time, it controls my life, it controls my existence. I just can't stop smoking, because the cigarette took over my life.

It is unusual that nicotine can take over the individual, but it definitely does. It is unusual that tar can eat away at the individual, but it definitely does. It is unusual that we voluntarily buy death, but we always buy it in supermarkets, liquor stores, grocery stores, universities, prisons, and even churches.

It is impressive to see in the streets, squares, parks, and other public places of the Hispanic geographies, how the thousands of cigarette butts are scattered on the ground, which apart from producing constant environmental pollution, also shows us the high degree of negativity that confronts global society, and we see how the cigarette ends up being the placebo preferred by human worldliness.

With cigarettes you always lose. Some lose a day of life for every cigarette they smoke, others lose a week of life for every cigarette they smoke, and you may lose a year of your life for every cigarette you smoke. That is why we say that with cigarettes you always lose, you never win, you always lose.

You feel like a loser, and that's why you decide to smoke cigarettes. You want to feel respected in your neighborhood, you want to be like that famous Hollywood actor, you want all the losers to see you smoking on the streets. You feel like a powerful loser, which is why you always decide to smoke the powerful cigarettes.

Inhale and exhale that primary smoke full of betrayals, humiliations, sins.

The most worrying thing is that the inhalation of secondary smoke received by individuals who do not smoke cigarettes also predisposes the appearance of dangerous respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, so that our health can be complicated in the short and long term, due to bad habits. of the crowd.

But the world tells me that smoking cigarettes is fun, it's relaxing, it's the best.

Today the World asks you to smoke, and tomorrow that same World will force you to smoke.

They force you to smoke cigarettes, because with the money you waste buying those cigarettes, multinationals always win, governments always win, discos always win, publicity always win, everyone except you always wins.

Tell me what is your brand and what is your favorite box. Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Bravo, Montecristo, Hamilton, Belmont, Fiesta, Fénix, Viceroy, Angeles, Executives, Latinos, Santa María, Alamo Too strong or too soft? Casino, Monseñor, Flor Real, Chesterfield, Jet, Pall Mall, Excalibur, Lighthouses, West, Tattoo, Consul, Cupido, El Aroma, Don Juan, Puyana, Manrique, Hermes, Fonseca and Perdomo.

The tobacco industry is dedicated to gambling on the health of consumers, who fall ill from toxic ingredients in cigarettes, including nicotine, arsenic, tar, chromium, cadmium, lead, and carbon monoxide. carbon, mercury, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, acetone, benzene, toluene, nickel, and more than 4,000 substances chemically toxic to the human body.

Smoking breaks your heart

Smoking cigarettes breaks the heart and destroys the lungs, kidneys, brain, circulatory system, pancreas, larynx, immune system, epidermis and digestive system, so that we receive the bad news and the bad luck of lung cancer , chronic bronchitis, emphysema, gastric ulcers, myocardial infarction, migraines, asthma attacks, hypoxia, thrombosis, osteoporosis, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, from infertility, insomnia, tooth decay, and skin allergies.

We are blind, we are stubborn and we live in darkness, so we light the fire and smoke the cigarettes.

The tobacco industry turns you into a walking chimney, and we doubt that the ambulance will rescue you with vital signs, because there is no more blood, there is no more oxygen, there are no more stars.

It is stupid for the Human Being to seek his own death, smoking cigarettes that accelerate our eternal rest in the cemetery. Among the thousand and one ways that exist to die, it is really stupid that you condemn your own destiny.

But we live in a world so stupid that logic is the promise of boredom, and it is the godly society of mass consumption, which imposes its own rules of the game, with that savage capitalism that forces you to smoke more and more cigarettes, because the devil knows that no one has the will to wake up from the nightmare.

An addiction

As a Venezuelan it pains me to admit that Venezuela is suffering a serious economic crisis throughout the country. However, it is sad to observe how many Venezuelans who live drowned in poverty continue to waste the little money they receive from their salaries to buy cigarettes and smoke them in the main Venezuelan streets.

Although those Venezuelans could have used that money, to buy bread and food that really helps their families, they preferred to waste the money buying more and more cigarettes, which end up being more inedible garbage for Venezuela.

Analyzing the aforementioned example, we can observe the high degree of addiction that cigarettes produce, and we also observe the stunted mentality of submissive consumers, which is destroyed by the uncontrolled urge to smoke.

Millions of Venezuelans and millions of Venezuelans, who are aware of the social crisis and the economic crisis that we are resisting, but are also aware of the need they feel to smoke more cigarettes, which generates a greater degree of impotence, frustration, and resentment in the discerning of consumers.

It is horrible to realize that a poisoned stick can fatally control your life. Beyond group therapies, hypnosis sessions, patches, candies, educational books and holistic exercises, I think it is terrible to realize that a poisoned stick can absolutely control your life.

Tobacco transnationals have control

Your life is controlled by tobacco transnationals such as: British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands and Philip Morris, who never tire of manufacturing the disease with cigarettes, and who never tire of marketing cancer to consumers.

Last year my uncle Horacio died, who was the youngest of five brothers. I was surprised that while on his deathbed, bedridden with his loved ones, he remembered his mistakes and dared to curse cigarettes.

My uncle Horacio said in a loud voice Damn the cigarettes! As she stared at her only daughter, she was pregnant and would have her child in two months.

Horacio could not meet his first grandson, because healthy neurons are needed to be a grandfather.

My uncle Horacio dreamed of being able to hug and kiss his grandson. It was his greatest wish before he died, but because of a life devoted to the addiction of cigarettes, he ended up being the youngest uncle to die from cancer.

I learned a lot from that tragic experience, because although we all know that smoking cigarettes is very bad, when that problem is within your family and affects you personally, you can understand that life is not a joke, and that we must take care of it until we have strength to survive.


We must know that annually, cigarettes kills more than 7 million smokers on a global scale, and if the 7 million smokers who die annually due to cigarettes, had the possibility of being born again in life, we are sure that they would be transformed again in the 7 million smokers, who die every year on a global scale because of the damn cigarette.

Perhaps the cigarette is a necessary evil for Humanity, because if so many people decide to bend their will for a disgusting cigarette, then those millions of animals disguised as intelligent and wise people do not deserve to continue populating and saturating the laurels of the immortal planet Earth.

It is true, smoking cigarettes is buying death and selling life. But death is cowardly by nature, and there is a blue sky that shines brightly for the mighty, for those who repent from the heart, and for all who seek salvation.

We have to reconsider and not keep giving in to daily pressures. We have to learn to say I don't want, I don't like it, I don't need it. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror, and ask ourselves what direction I am taking in my life.

Perhaps you are afraid to walk that course, perhaps you cry a lot of tears along that course, and it is likely that today you will begin to live a new course.

A seed of change, a value that you lost yesterday and recovered today, a lesson in dignity, a dream to conquer, a prayer to pray, a new sun to live.

It doesn't matter if you hit rock bottom in life, because if you really hit rock bottom and are still alive, then now you have a new opportunity to get up, and start straightening your course from scratch.

You were born to be free and live in freedom, NOT to be a slave to the tobacco companies.

Please remember what I am telling you. You were born to be a free man and to be a free woman. You were not born to be the ashes of misfortune.

Today is a good day to reject the cigarette, and experience the miracle of a new dawn.

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

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