What happens if you don't get vaccinated? The fashion of not vaccinating

What happens if you don't get vaccinated? The fashion of not vaccinating

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It becomes difficult to go against an apparent single thought regarding the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. We will try to dismantle each of these myths or beliefs.

Unfortunately, the media, both medical and of various kinds, crush the population with statements that have nothing to do with scientific observation. To make matters worse, the control bodies, which should be independent, have a conflict of interest due to their links with the Pharmaceutical Industry. This occurs both at the level of the institution itself and at the level of its members, call it WHO (World Health Organization), PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), etc.

As if this were not enough, there is a “fear marketing” that terrifies the population by exaggerating the incidence and severity of infectious diseases of childhood. Parents are threatened that they will be denounced or that their children will not be assisted or will not enter the educational system if they are not vaccinated. It is safely stated that vaccines prevent disease and that they will be guilty of infecting their children or promoting contagion to others.

On the other hand, any link between the vaccines and their side effects is denied, the vast majority of which appear in the same leaflets, which are not delivered to those who receive the vaccines and it seems that they are not read by health professionals either. It is striking that the same parents who read carefully the leaflet of an antibiotic before giving it to their children, never ask for the leaflet of a vaccine that is going to be injected.

Of course, it is not mentioned either that in the great epidemics of the past, the complications of infectious diseases of childhood had to do with the lack of decent housing (with running water and sewers), of adequate nutrition and of income that would cover basic needs. . It is unknown (although it is published) that lacking populations increase infant mortality by 50% after being vaccinated. And it's not widely known that hand washing reduces both diarrhea and pneumonia by 50%.

On the other hand, it is convenient to know that investment in education at least twice the benefit in health indices, compared to the same investment in the areas of "health".

Let us also remember what Rudolph Steiner (creator of Anthroposophy) argued: that there would come a day when a vaccine would be given from newborn with the aim that the human being would not feel like a possessor of soul and spirit. That's what we're getting to ...

The fashion of not vaccinating

Some time ago, the Spanish newspaper El País reported that this "fashion" is increasingly being adopted by more people on the Old Continent. The note linked the decision not to vaccinate with the fact that in Spain, which only suffered two cases of measles in 2004, accumulated more than 1,300 so far this year.

The note says that this negative attitude derives from considering that the risks are more than the benefits or in rejection of the products of the pharmaceutical industry.

But although in the first instance it is shocking that there are parents who decide not to vaccinate their children, the question also arises regarding what we naturalize. Do vaccines work or can they bring more complications than benefits?

Groups that promote free vaccination (that is, that everyone can decide) are gaining importance throughout the world, especially in the most developed countries of Europe.

In Argentina, the homeopathic doctor Eduardo Yahbes maintains the site Libre Vacunación, where he warns about the dangers of vaccinating and maintains that citizens should be informed about adverse effects.

Eduardo Bitis, a homeopath, stated that vaccines are not safe and in any case each case must be evaluated. "There are a lot of vaccines that are applied against quite trivial diseases like the flu," he says. "I would prefer that we improve the environmental and nutritional conditions of the population and thus improve health“.

Dr. Carlota Russ, Secretary of the Infectology Committee of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, does not think the same. For her, vaccines have saved more lives than any other intervention carried out worldwide and she considers it "crazy" not to vaccinate the population.

"All vaccines that are part of the official vaccination schedule are tested," he clarifies. In addition, he warns that "this anti-vaccination trend in the most developed countries is leading to the re-emergence of diseases that were disappearing such as measles."

The Buenos Aires Supreme Court of Justice forced a couple to vaccinate their baby, after they stated that they were not going to do it. On that occasion, the head of the Department of Medicine at the Children's Hospital Ricardo Gutiérrez, specified that "although parents have parental authority over their children, they cannot harm their health."

For homeopath Eduardo Bitis, however, “you should ask the judge who is going to take charge if the boy has a complication". This doctor also remembers that public health campaigns are often the product of big business between the governments of the day and the laboratories.

Qualified opinions on vaccines

We will make a synthesis of comments from various authors who are involved in the vaccination issue.

Len horowitz
"The biggest fraud reported is that vaccines are safe and effective"

Matthias rath
"... the true nature of the global pharmaceutical industry lies in receiving large profits from chronic diseases and not in dealing with disease prevention and eradication."

Although it is important to say that laboratories make billions per year from the sale of vaccines.

Debate Benerji
“Who is to be held responsible for the death of inoculated children under the pretext that the lives of other children are saved with the Universal Vaccine Plan? This is a serious violation of human rights "

Viera Scheibner
“One hundred years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represent an assault on the immune system. Vaccines do not prevent disease. They are involved in very serious reactions ”.

Fernando Savater
"Economic benefit cannot be the only and last criterion in medical research."

James shanon
"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used."

Fernand delarue
"Nothing allows us to affirm that vaccinations have made the epidemics disappear or regress."
"Presenting the disease regression figures from the start of vaccination and omitting the previous ones is a publicity stunt."
"Drawing the conclusion that it is due to vaccinations is a serious inaccuracy."
"At the same standard of living, HF diseases evolve in parallel curves both in vaccinated countries and in those that are not."
"In the absence of vaccination, epidemics recede in all countries where the standard of living rises."

Liliana Szabó
"The belief in the vaccination system as something beneficial has been intentionally installed in the general public and in health professionals in a subtle and perverse way that does not allow to review said belief in the face of the threat of causing harm to nothing less than own children. It is time to trust more in the natural instinctual wisdom than in the supposed wisdom of those who profit from the disease ”.
"Primum non nocere: first do not harm, is the main and first task of us doctors."

Eduardo Angel Yahbes
"The vaccination system constitutes a true crime against humanity"
"Because vaccines are not effective in preventing disease"
"Because they increase mortality, morbidity and infertility."
"Because they modify the genetic heritage of humanity."

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