On these holidays, environmental movies for the boys

On these holidays, environmental movies for the boys

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We share three movie trailers with environmental and educational content for children of different ages, and why not for adults!

Wall-e (2008)

What is it about?It is a dystopia set in the year 2800 in which a small garbage dump robot called WALL-E is the only being left on Earth. Your goal is to clean the planet and find life to make it habitable again. One day he meets EVA, a sleek robot explorer with whom he will have a great adventure.

Why is it educational?Because it makes us think about voracious consumerism and the sustainability of the planet, and also presents a sensitivity out of the ordinary in animated films.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

What is it about?In order to heal the wound caused by a maddened boar, the young Ashitaka sets out in search of the god Deer, as only he can free him from the spell. Throughout his journey he discovers how the animals of the forest fight against men who are willing to destroy Nature.

Why is it educational? Because although there may be some aspects that they cannot understand if they are very small, it offers a more complex vision about the role of mother nature and the struggle of human beings to control the entire environment, regardless of the consequences beyond their own objectives. Also, it is an opportunity to initiate them in the Hayao Miyazaki cinema.

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants (2013)

What is it about?In a quiet forest clearing, the remains of an abandoned picnic ignite the war between two tribes of ants. At stake is a box of sugar. An epic ride on the ground.

Why is it educational?Because it intends for children to observe nature more and respect it. It shows the consequences of throwing objects and waste into the environment.

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