A fun game reusing tires

A fun game reusing tires

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It's fun, it's made from a recycled tire and you can do it yourself. See how it's done!

What do we need

materials: Recycled tire, PVC pipe, wooden board, circular wooden slat, rope, ball, spray paint, wood screws, metric screws, nuts, cement, water.

Tools: Jigsaw, drill, level, marker, pencil, bowl.


1. Create the wooden base

This homemade ball game consists of a recycled tire, a wooden base, a PVC pipe, a rope, and a ball.

The first step to do this is to create the wooden base, which will be screwed to the bottom of the tire and from which the PVC pipe will start. Make it from a wooden board. Trace a circumference of the same diameter as the inner hole of the tire and cut with the help of a jigsaw.

To make the circumference, you can use a wooden strip as a compass. Screw it lightly into the center of the board and drill a hole at a height equal to the radius of the circle you want to trace. Pass the pencil through that hole and move the ribbon, drawing the circumference.

2. Create and paste the pipe support

When you have the base, create a small piece of wood - in our case, about 3 cm - from a circular strip and glue it to the center of the base with the help of a little white glue. It will serve to place the PVC pipe.

3. Attach the base to the tire

The next step is to fix the circular wooden base to the bottom of the tire - the piece to fit the pipe must be on the inside. Mark four equidistant points on the wood and make four holes with the drill, which you will have to replicate on the tire. Attach the wood base to the tire using metric bolts and nuts.

4. Prepare the PVC pipe

Cut a PVC pipe to the size you want - in this case, we had it cut to size - and screw in some screws at its lower end. Attach a screw for each of the four sides of the pipe, at different heights: if it were a clock, one at 12, another at 3, another at 6 and a last screw at 9. Doing this will help When you pour the cement and it dries, the pipe won't move.

Also make a hole in the upper part of the pipe, going through it from one side to the other. It will be where you tie the string to hang the ball.

Fit the tubing into the round piece of the wooden base, inside the tire.

5. Fill the tire with cement

Once you have the pipe in place, prepare the cement in a basin. Add powdered cement and water, and stir until you get a thick and homogeneous mixture. When ready, pour the mixture into the tire, up to the top edge. Smooth the surface and let it dry.

6. Spray paint

When the cement is dry, paint the entire structure with a little spray paint. It is advisable to first apply a primer for plastics, which you can also find in spray.

7. Tying the ball

Use some string to attach the ball to the pipe. Create a net to secure the ball well so that it does not escape. Begin by wrapping the ball around the rope vertically, ending with a knot. Repeat the operation four more times, passing the rope through different areas. When you're done, do the same again, but this time horizontally, passing the rope under the one you put before, securing with different knots. In this way, you will create a rope network that will prevent the ball from escaping.

When you have it, hang the ball from the pipe with a long length of string, passing it through the hole at its top end. Ready!

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