Harley-Davidson, from the motorcycle to the electric bike?

Harley-Davidson, from the motorcycle to the electric bike?

Harley-Davidson's sales have been falling in the last three years and as a growth strategy it will enter the electric bicycle market. Rather, they are smaller displacement motorcycles, so small, that some models pass for a bike without pedals.

But it is not news, already last June, Harley made a small foray into the bicycle market with a very special model: a 'vintage' style bicycle of limited production of 10 units that pays tribute to a 1917 model.

For 40 years, Harley began to develop an electric model looking to the future and trying to reach a younger customer. The intention is to present its first non-combustion engine chassis in 2019. The new platform will include "products of different sizes, engines and prices."

With sales declining in the face of difficulties in connecting with young audiences, Harley's plan is based on three pillars: developing new products, broader access for customers, and improving the financial "strength" of Harley's dealers. brand. Among the first category, Harley highlighted its LiveWire electric motorcycle project, which it will present in 2019. However, it also hinted that it could be accompanied later by an electric bicycle of which it distributed a sketch.

The manufacturer, however, did not want to specify anything, only assuring that from 2022 there will be a wider range of new "light" models of electric propulsion. "The offer will be expanded with lighter, smaller and more accessible models that will inspire new riders with new options for riding", the note verbatim.

So Harley-Davidson tries to do something different, but the ads won't stop it from changing its situation. This year is on the way to the fourth year of falling sales in the US.

Video: 2020 new Harley-Davidson lightweight electric concept R Willy Rides Into The Future promo video (March 2021).