Drones capture illegal mining and damage in the Amazon

Drones capture illegal mining and damage in the Amazon

The effects that illegal mining has caused in Madre de Dios are devastating and irremediable. Approximately, it has destroyed an area of ​​forest equivalent to 41,000 soccer fields, which if it could be replanted, would take a century to become forest again.

On the other hand, the damage that this activity has caused in recent years has caused damage to water sources in which 5.7 billion soles would be needed (that is, more than six and a half million minimum wages) for the repair of these resources. In addition, the inhabitants of the mining areas have up to eight times more mercury than that allowed by the World Health Organization, with the neurological damage that this generates.

This organization has ranked mercury as one of the ten chemicals that cause the most public health problems, with especially harmful effects on pregnant women and children, as well as causing deterioration of the nervous and immune systems, the digestive system and the lungs. It is not necessary for someone to be working and inhaling mercury to suffer from these consequences. Just by consuming the polluted river water and some of the fish that live in it, you are already exposed. In a group of communities where drinking water is still a promise and where the river is their main daily source, the problem worsens.

In the last six years, a group of miners from Amazonas and Madre de Dios have deforested around 20 hectares of forest, not counting the constant contamination of the Pastacillo stream, in the Río Santiago district. Although two interdictions have been made, the Wampis people claim that illegal activity continues to grow.

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