Joan Martínez Alier. What do the faculties of economics hide from us?

Joan Martínez Alier. What do the faculties of economics hide from us?

The planet is in a real emergency situation. A physicist who disseminates science, Jorge Wagensberg, and an economist, promoter of the ecological economy, Joan Martínez Alier, talk about why humanity has caused this threat and how it can act from now on to try to reverse it.

For the first time in history, human activity is dangerously influencing the health of the planet. The sixth extinction is occurring in an accelerated way, at a more intense rate than in other previous extinctions, but unlike the previous ones, this time it affects the human species, called the Anthropocene era. Why is the economy inextricably linked to growth? Why should we protect biodiversity for our own interest?

If the planet is finite, why do the industrial economy and consumer society, instead of imitating the strategies and tactics of nature and making efficient use of energy, totally violate the laws of physics, contradicting the first and second law of thermodynamics?

And they conclude that we must introduce the scientific sphere into social and political decisions to preserve the lives of future generations. Claim science against ignorance and expand knowledge in order to collectively make decisions.

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