The means and the half truth

The means and the half truth

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The serious environmental problems that our planet suffers, caused in large part by humanity's abuse of natural resources, affect almost all of us, to a greater or lesser extent.

The constant deterioration of our habitat is causing climatic changes, the disappearance of animal and plant species, a reduction in the quality and supply of fresh water, and other negative effects of all kinds.

But there is a part of the world population whose “quality of life” has not only not been altered, but has on the contrary continued to increase.

This group, with their lifestyle, decides every day to look the other way, ignoring the signals that the planet is giving us. Producing a deep ecological footprint, which is tried to compensate by keeping billions of people relegated to an increasingly inhuman and humiliating subsistence level. A situation that, on the other hand, also adds environmental problems.

The owners of money and power do it because they only care about what serves their interests. The big capitalists need a society based on unbridled consumption and individualism, because that is what increases their wealth and power. But a large part of the people who live in a way that is not environmentally sustainable, do so because they do not know what they are doing. It is not just cruelty or selfishness, it can also be ignorance.

It often happened to us when we were children and we acted incorrectly, because we did not know if what we were doing was wrong or right and we did not find out until one of our parents scolded us or explained that our behavior had not been correct.

But if when we can discern on our own and know how to better differentiate what is right from what is wrong, we only see one alternative, since the others are hidden from us, if we have no choice, we are left with the only reality that we know. and we continue to act accordingly.

Almost all mass media contribute greatly to the numbing of environmental awareness. The constant bombardment of advertising and the management of information, responding to the interests of large economic groups, are weapons of great caliber to which it is difficult not to surrender, their objective has long ceased to be to inform, becoming the to manage public opinion. But this is made even easier if we allow yours to be the only bell that can be heard.

That is the task that the alternative media or, as they are often called, counter-information media have been carrying out. We are the other campaign, we tell the part of the story, the one that is hidden or distorted by the media allied to political and economic power, because it would affect their interests.

We work with a wide disadvantage in terms of economics, which limits the possibility of accessing training, technologies and working conditions that would possibly allow us to reach more people, with more information and more services, surely of higher quality.

But we have, among others, the advantage that when a person begins to walk with us this way, it is very difficult to stop doing it, moreover, it is very common for them to recommend to their acquaintances that they come to walk it as well.

Supporting the alternative media is fighting for the truth, to be able to have information that is not affected by pressure from governments, or advertising or economic conditions. Because if history is written by the powerful and the victors, that only means that there is another story to tell.

Ricardo Natalichio

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