Kalanchoe, a natural remedy against cancer?

Kalanchoe, a natural remedy against cancer?

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In this new report by Miquel Figueroa, the farmer Josep Pàmies talks about three varieties of Kalanchoe: Kalanchoe pinnata (witch, witch's herb, prodigious, leaf of the air, immortelle, ojaransín, hojerilla), Kalanchoe daigremontiana (aranto, mother of thousands or kalanchoe mexicana) and Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri (ojaransín, hojerilla and donkey's ear).

The Kalanchoe are medicinal plants originating from the Island of Madagascar that were introduced in America by the enslaved natives, who already knew their therapeutic value.

Its millenary use and recent scientific studies indicate that they have qualities for external use (they are anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, astringent and healing), and they are also effective for rheumatism, hypertension, kidney colic, diarrhea and even in psychological disorders like schizophrenia or panic attacks. Although it is a controversial subject, popular lore attributes to these plants the power to remit cancer.

Several studies have been carried out on this hypothesis, some of which are promising and can be consulted in Pubmed. An example:…

It is also worth mentioning the study that Dr. Cameselle is carrying out in Vigo:……

It is important to note that, like any food, kalanchoe are not exempt from producing some adverse effects, such as heart problems. Therefore, they should be taken with caution and not as a substitute for any therapy.

A research team led by the Vigo doctor Jorge Cameselle investigates whether the consumption of natural plant of African origin known as kalanchoe, reduces the risk of cancer. “We believe that there is a scientific basis for research. Until we finish the research, which is intended for ten years, we will not be able to say if it is an effective treatment, but there are indications to think that the consumption of this plant may be useful to reduce the possibility of having cancer ", assesses the doctor , who works at the Cangas health center and director of the Adicam clinical oncology research group, the Association for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

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