Amazonia: For this we contact you?

Amazonia: For this we contact you?

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AJ + shares a video on the drama of the Nukak Makú people after being contacted by evangelical missionaries from the US What followed was devastating.

The Nukak Makú, the last nomadic indigenous people contacted in Colombia, hunter, gatherer and fisherman who inhabited the jungles of Guaviare in the south of the country, face the most critical and fragile point in their history. Nowadays, extinction haunts them as if it were a “debep”, a word that in the Nukak cosmogony represents the spirit of the dead that roams the jungle doing evil.

There are only 200 families left and they need to return to their territory located in the jungles of Guaviare in southern Colombia, where today dozens of antipersonnel mines that were placed by the FARC are buried.

The tragedy of contacting isolated peoples

It is not the first time that US missionaries have attempted to contact uncontacted tribes. In 1986, these evangelical missionaries managed to contact the Nukak in Colombia. What followed was devastating.

Published by AJ + Spanish sur Mardi December 11, 2018

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