Eco-calendar 2019, to take care of the Planet

Eco-calendar 2019, to take care of the Planet

The year begins with the World Environmental Education Day and ends with the Mountain Day. The Eco-calendar has many commemorative dates and its aim is to draw attention to environmental problems and sensitize the world population.

These commemorative dates, of reflection, of care, are determined mostly by the United Nations but also by other entities such as the European Union or conservation organizations.


This 2019 kicks off with the first celebration on Saturday, January 26, World Environmental Education Day. On the 28th, the date calls for reflection on CO2 emissions.


February brings a very important date on Saturday the 2nd, when World Wetlands Day is set.


Four relevant dates are expected in March: Sunday 3, World Nature Day; on Tuesday 5th, that of Energy Efficiency; on Thursday 21, that of the Forests and Friday 22, that of Water.

In March, the so-called Earth Hour is also called, called by one of the main environmental organizations in the world, WWF, this time for Saturday, March 30.


In April, Wednesday the 17th is the World Day of Peasant Struggle; on Monday the 22nd, that of the Earth and Thursday 25, that of the Awareness on the Problem of Noise.


In May, on Friday the 10th, World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated; on Friday 17th, that of Recycling; on Wednesday 22, that of Biodiversity.


Wednesday 5 is World Environment Day, one of the most important on the environmental calendar, which was set at the end of 1972, although the first was celebrated in 1973.

Saturday June 8 is the Oceans and Sunday the 16 of the Sea Turtles. Monday the 17th is the day against Desertification and Drought; on Friday the 21st, that of the Sun - which conservation organizations take advantage of to defend renewable energies. On Monday 24, Against Electromagnetic Pollution and on Friday 28, that of the Tree.


Starts with Wednesday July 3 is the International Day Free of Plastic Bags; on Sunday 7, that of Soil Conservation and on Friday 26, that of the Defense of the Mangrove Ecosystem


Friday the 9th is that of the Indigenous Peoples and Thursday the 29th is the international date Against Nuclear Tests.


In September, Monday 16 is the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer; on Sunday 22, the European Car-Free Day and on Tuesday 24, the Maritime.


Friday the 4th is Animal Day, declared in 1929 in Vienna and highly supported by the Catholic Church since in 1980 Pope John Paul II declared Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals and ecologists.

In October, the first weekend is celebrated on World Bird Day and, on the first Monday -which this year falls on the 7th day of Habitat; Sunday the 13th is that of the Reduction of Great Natural Disasters and Thursday the 31st, that of the Cities.


In November, Wednesday the 6th is the International Day for the Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict and Thursday the 21st is the Fishing Day. The last Friday of the month -this year, the 29th- is the International Day Against Consumerism or 'Green Friday' (green Friday), as opposed to 'Black Friday' (Black Friday) promoted by the US industry and commerce, which in recent years has also been installed in other countries.


And the year ends with Thursday the 5th, which is World Soil Day and Wednesday the 11th, that of the Mountains.

There are other more particular dates but just as important for the care of the environment we inhabit, these were only the most prominent worldwide.

Each country also has its own celebrations. Can you tell us which days related to caring for the environment are celebrated in your country? Ecoportal.net

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