What would happen if the big cities disappeared?

What would happen if the big cities disappeared?

What would happen if suddenly, on the entire planet, all the big cities disappeared?

Along with megacities, traffic jams would disappear, there would be no more crowds on trains or buses. Soaring buildings would stop bothering the clouds, their ultra-fast elevators would also disappear

There would be no more subways, no emergency villages, no shopping, no large canopies as illuminated as a theater stage.

We would see the sky again, if it were still there once the smog cleared. Maybe even some star will still shine. The sun, the moon and also the rays would be seen

And if instead of looking up, we would look down, we would see the grass again, the earth itself would be before our eyes, because surely all these years it has continued there, under the asphalt, hoping that one day the gray would tire us and we would like to see her again

There would be more family gardens, or neighborhoods. We would listen to the song of the birds again, take a nap and have time to live life. More bicycles, more tricycles there would also be.

But that's not all, if we looked at our height we would also discover something. We would realize that other people live in the house next door and also in the one opposite. We would realize that the grocer and the butcher and the greengrocer can remember our name and that we are also able to do so with theirs. We would even discover with amazement that some of them even have the unknown faculty to remember our tastes, the deference to greet us and even to ask about our families.

If the big cities disappeared there would be no more dog walkers and synthetic grass would no longer exist.

Neither mega discotheques, nor mega parking lots, nor mega markets, nor mega garbage dumps, nor mega water purification plants, nor mega airports; the very word mega I think would disappear.

There would be less violence, less misery, less hunger, and even less noise.

Of course, there would still be governments. Although surely we would know each one of those who represented our town or at least a friend could give us a reference. We would choose them by knowing them and we would change them if they did not govern well.

There would also be more solidarity and less loneliness. More neighborhood clubs, development societies, paddocks, climbing trees, mud puddles where you can splash around barefoot; sunrises to delight us and sunsets to fall in love.

All this and much more would change, if the big cities disappeared. But they will not disappear just like that, like a bad dream. They are there and they are the direct consequence of an unsustainable development model.

We believe that the time has come to change that model, for a development on a human scale. With orchards and farmers. With rivers and artisanal fishermen. With small towns of houses with gardens and patios, where we all know each other. Change for an environmentally sustainable development model, where we can all have a decent life.

Then the mega cities would be emptied and shrunk until only some parts remained, like giants and mute witnesses of a way of life to which humanity should never return.

By Ricardo Natalichio

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