January 26 Environmental Education Day

January 26 Environmental Education Day

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On January 26, World Environmental Education Day is celebrated, which has its origin in 1975, the year in which the International Seminar on Environmental Education was held in Belgrade (capital of the Republic of Serbia).

As a result of this important convention, the principles of Environmental Education were established within the framework of the United Nations Programs and the Belgrade Charter was published, in which the fundamental demands related to the subject are reflected. Some of the most prominent axes were: promoting awareness, instructing basic knowledge on caring for the environment, cultivating favorable attitudes and skills to solve environmental problems and promoting citizen participation. It was also stressed that Environmental Education should transcend the formal educational system and reach the general public.

The Stockholm Conference (1972), considered the first world forum, established the basis for the development of international environmental policy. Subsequently, a large number of events were developed in which mention was made of the importance of Environmental Education, such is the case of Tbilisi (1977), the Moscow Congress (1987), the Declaration of Talloires (1991), the Earth Summit Brazil (1992), parallel to this summit, the Global Citizen Forum of Rio 92, Mexico (1992) and the Thessaloniki Declaration (1997) were held. In addition to other meetings held in different parts of the world, they took place in: Chosica, Peru (1976), Managua (1982), Cocoyoc, Mexico (1984), Caracas (1988), Buenos Aires (1988), Brazil (1989) and Venezuela (1990). And thus, forums, summits and congresses focused on the development and promotion of Environmental Education worldwide have been developed consecutively.

It is necessary that this education transcends the formal sphere of education, not being limited only to the educational system, but also being used in the workplace and in the collective, this being an excellent vehicle to communicate values ​​in favor of the environment. On the other hand, the effective development of Environmental Education demands the full use of all public and private means available to society, through different application systems, linking with the legislation, policies, plans and programs of execution. , the measures and control mechanisms and all the decisions that the governments adopt regarding the environment. All this in order to protect and improve the quality of life of the entire population for the benefit of itself and the future world. Ecoportal.net

By María Gabriela Guillén

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