Four block making machines that help respect the environment

Four block making machines that help respect the environment

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Theblock machines They are in charge of the manufacture of concrete blocks that will later be used in the construction sector for the construction of all types of infrastructures. The security of the millions of people who will enter those buildings, cross those bridges and enter those tunnels will depend on the strength of these concrete panels. Therefore, themanufacture of block making machines( is a reworking of responsibility for the companies that are responsible for this task.

However, not all machinery of this type has the same characteristics. There are different types designed depending on the tasks we are going to carry out. Construction works are often miracles of engineering that, depending on the design carried out by the architect, may requireconcrete blocks unimaginable shapes. Therefore, versatility and mobility are two essential requirements when acquiring theblocker ideal. Similarly, theenvironmental respect is becoming increasingly important in companies in our environment and this is a factor to take into account when commercializing the different machinery.

Thus, a finite number of block making machines can be found in the market. The manufacturers often place themselves at the disposal of the constructor to develop a unique device adapted to the work that he intends to execute, without forgetting the control and reduction of the costs.pollutant particles emitted by the machinery during its operation.

  • Bloquera Rometa 2010: It is an automatic machine capable of manufacturing 900 blocks per hour and five blocks per cycle. It has ten horsepower vibrators and includes a delivery table with a three-tray manual cart. Despite its potential and the fact that previous models were harmful to the environment, the 2010 efficiently controls its emissions.
  • Bloquera Romera 2030: Its capacity is greater than that of the previous machinery since it can manufacture 1,400 blocks per hour and 7.5 blocks per cycle. It is capable of working two shifts a day even in hot countries, which is why it is one of the most sold machinery throughout the world. It has a large work tray and elevator and tray descender, with palletizing and automatic turning. However, its respect for the environment is impeccable since it combines high production with the minimization of polluting particles.
  • Rometa 2050 block: Its capacity continues to grow and has been designed for large buildings. Its production is 1,800 blocks per hour and 7.5 blocks per cycle. Tray extraction can be carried out with a variable speed drive. It has a 20-tray multiforca cart and allows to manufacture from paving stones to one-meter curbs, passing through the vaults. Its productivity is very high and its emissions therefore increase exponentially. Even so, it remains one of the most environmentally responsible machines in proportion to its level of activity.
  • Rometa 4050 Block Case: Probably the most powerful block machine on the market. It is capable of producing 3,000 blocks per hour and 15 blocks per cycle. It always works with a large work tray, automatic palletizing, travel speed control, multiforca carriage and robot. In short, it is similar to the previous one but with greater power and manufacturing capacity. Its emissions are equally high although the manufacturer has crystallized its environmental concern by reducing and controlling the polluting particles as much as possible.

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