The Century of the Self - Documentary

The Century of the Self - Documentary

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Very interesting documentary of 4 series for the BBC that develops the rise of the almighty and consumerist Self in the 20th century.

Director Adam Curtis, with "The Century of the Self" analyzes the influence of Edward Bernays, Freud's nephew who invented the work of Public Relations (formerly called Propaganda) and who used his uncle's psychoanalytic knowledge of the unconscious to create for the corporations and the CIA methods of control and domination over the masses.

Bernays taught the system that by linking industrial products to the unconscious desires of individuals, they could be made to do things that they did not initially want or need.

The 4 chapters that make up the documentary are integrated in this video:
Happiness machines
Engineering consent
There is a policeman inside our minds: he must be destroyed
Eight people drinking wine at Kettering

To take it easy and enjoy it in parts. Highly recommended to understand the subtle forms of mass manipulation.

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