DIY rosettes: how to make them?

DIY rosettes: how to make them?

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To achieve DIY rosettes it's easy and fun. Therefore, if you want to know more, and want to become a real master in the realization of these creations, you just have to read further: you will discover that in a few seconds you can make a paper rosette, a simple but welcome idea that you can structure from scratch on the occasion of some party or anniversary!

What do you need

Making DIY rosettes it is extremely simple. In fact, all you need are colored cards with double-sided adhesive tape, scissors and a little glue.

We will then see, in the second part of our study, that there are numerous variants within which you can find your way around, and that each of them can be easily customized!

How to make the cockade

The steps to make the cockade are few and simple.

Start by taking a sheet of A4 paper and folding it like an "accordion". Then cut this rectangle, with pleated paper, into three equal parts, and then glue the three cut parts together, joining the two ends so that they are able to form a circle.

At this point, all you have to do is push inwards and glue one of the two ends. Once this is done, you can enrich your DIY rosettes by cutting strips of paper to place in the center: the inside of the rosette can in fact be customized to your liking.

Finally, on the back side, you can add a piece of double-sided tape to glue the cockade wherever you want!

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DIY cockade with recycled material

So far we have wanted to share with you a simple "basic" procedure to be able to create DIY rosettes. But nothing prevents you from being able to show off your maximum creativity and, consequently, create real "sustainable rosettes", thus improving the quality of your creation.

For example, a very useful element to be able to create DIY rosettes is represented by potato chips bags or some cookies: the important thing is that they have a shiny interior, able to give an extra touch of shine to your cockade: cut the strips showing them from the inside and shiny, form small bows and join them together.

And what about the old ones cassettes, now in disuse? If you still have some in the attic, you can use their ribbons to make some truly vintage rosettes. Also remember that cassette tapes could also be used for gift wrapping!

Among the other alternatives that you could choose to use to give your DIY rosette a new show, there is of course also the use of a simple Gift card, colorful and themed. Or, in a way not too unlike the old cassettes, you could choose to recover old ones rollers (to be clear, the films of photographic negatives!) and use them as vintage rosettes.

Always among the useful and alternative ideas for a rosette with recycled material, we are sure that you will not struggle to find toilet paper rolls intended for the garbage bag, but which you can revitalize with a simple "recipe": just divide them into strips to be joined together, to be able to form rather resistant decorations, which in turn you can choose to color and embellish.


From the above you should have understood that making DIY rosettes it is extremely simple, and that the advantages you will be able to obtain through them are very numerous.

For example, think about how fun it could be to make DIY rosettes with your kids. Beyond the final result, which we are sure will not fail to amaze you positively, you can in fact take this opportunity to improve your do-it-yourself skills and those of your children, using the recipe for our rosettes as a moment of creative play.

Then think about how interesting and satisfying it could be to try to customize your rosettes in view of a particular event, a celebration that deserves to be remembered and appreciated with some ad hoc creations, which can make it even more exciting!

And if you need other creative ideas, on the web you can find thousands of videos and ideas useful for your purposes: real tutorials to become experts in rosettes!

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