How much physical activity you need to do

How much physical activity you need to do

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We all know that physical exercise is important for health, but how much physical activity do you need to do per day to stay healthy? Let's see it together.

There sedentary lifestyleis a strong health risk factor. Sedentary life predisposes to venous insufficiency, chronic heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and, in general, cardiovascular disease. It also predisposes to joint diseases when a sedentary lifestyle is associated with overweight.

Physical activity for health

If a sedentary lifestyle is a threat to health, physical activity is the number one ally! Look for a physical activity that you enjoy and enjoy, so you can do it regularly without having to repress yourself.

  • Dance
  • Nordic walking
  • I swim
  • Acquafit
  • Crossfit
  • Stroke
  • Horse riding
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Volleyball

There are many activities that can be carried out, without forgetting gymnastics at home, perhaps to the rhythm of music!

Not everyone thinks about it, it is thought that hydration and nutrition are the body's only needs, however, the movementit is a fundamental need of our body! This lack of awareness causes people to go to work and shop by car, take the lift even for a few floors and end up spending most of their time sitting.

Healthy physical activity reduces the risk of disease and is not a "slogan phrase", so much to say ... Studies have shown thatexercising reducesthe risk of:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Colon cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gallstones

Furthermore, theexercise has an impactstrongly positive on the mind, improving psychic conditions, self-image, self-esteem and autonomy. Yes but how much physical activity should i do?

How much physical activity you need to do

It depends on age, physical condition and medical condition. Unfortunately, just as there is no universal diet that is suitable for everyone, it is not possible to say how much physical activity to do per day.

In general, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle can start with very little, even the slightest physical activity can make a difference and bring a direct benefit. If you spend many hours sitting, try to take breaks to get up and walk a bit, even walking around the office can be useful to move more often.

Mature women and men, even of retirement age but robust and without physical problems, should perform at least 2-3 hours of physical activity per week.

Ideally, each of us should restart themotor activityon several days of the week. It is possible to dedicate an entire hour a day (three times a week) or take breaks of at least 10 - 15 minutes and add them to the end of the day. The target? Total 60 minutes of physical activity.

Those who do not lead a sedentary lifestyle but are already a sportsman can improve their health by performing additional exercises to increase:

  • muscle strength,
  • balance,
  • agility,
  • resistance.

In summary, how much physical activity to do per day?
Ideally at least30 minutes of medium intensity physical activity per day running a minimum total of at least 160 minutes per week.

What are medium intensity physical activities?
Physical activities that cause a slight acceleration of breathing, without great breathlessness or tachycardia, are considered of "medium intensity".

Which physical activity is suitable for preventing disease?

Any type of exercise is a health ally! Resistance activities seem to have a particularly favorable impact because during training the muscles contract and relax rhythmically, bringing benefits to the cardiovascular system.

How many calories do you burn?

It all depends on the intensity and physical activity chosen and also on your metabolism. Based on the metabolism, we will indicate a minimum and a maximum, the calories reported refer to "medium intensity physical activity" so that they are able to cause an accelerated breathing but without difficulty.

  • Walking: 100 - 150 kcal (walking speed 4 km / h)
  • Dance: 100 - 150 kcal
  • Walking at a fast pace: 150 - 200 kcal (walking speed 5 km / h)
  • Bicycle: 150 - 200 kcal (power 75 - 100 watts or speed of 15 - 20 km / h)
  • Nordic Walking: 160 - 200 kcal
  • Gardening: 160 - 200 kcal
  • Physical activity at home: 150 - 200 kcal (with static exercises, while standing)
  • Acquafit: 150-200 kcal

Go cyclinghigh intensity(with a distance of 20 - 30 km / h) makes you burn 200 - 350 kcal.

There are also other ways to exercise, burn calories, and improve your health. Like?

  • Taking public transport instead of a private car
  • Going to work by bicycle
  • Park away from your destination
  • Choose the stairs and not the elevator
  • During office work, stroll between the desks

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