DIY sunscreen

DIY sunscreen

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DIY sunscreen, here's how to prepare it at home with our green recipe! Useful tips to protect the skin from the sun in a natural way.

Expose yourself to UV rays without adequate protection it can pose a serious risk to our health. And it is precisely for this reason that we have decided to dedicate an in-depth study to the possibility of being able to create one DIY sunscreen, which allows us to have a healthy tan, without having to pay too much money to be able to buy the products on the market and without having to give up a right protective form.

DIY sunscreen: is it really effective?

Before proceeding further, however, allow us a small premise: the best suggestion we can give you to accompany you towards a fully effective tan, and in the useful position to avoid any type of injury, is to talk to a good dermatologist, who can indicate the characteristics the right sunscreen based on your specific dermatological characteristics.

Having said that, and with the obvious sharing of approaching each do-it-yourself solution with the right caution, below we wanted to summarize some hypotheses of homemade sunscreen, all to try!

DIY sunscreen with shea butter and aloe vera

Let's start with a formula based on shea butter is aloe vera gel: these are two substances no longer so unknown to Italians, considering that they have been on the market for some time with particular success thanks to their properties, and that we can now use to make a beautiful do-it-yourself protection. But how?

To prepare it, let's get 250 grams of shea butter, 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of pure zinc oxide: the latter is an ingredient often present in do-it-yourself sun creams, considering that it is an element with strong protective qualities for our skin. However, you can easily find it on the market, in the best herbalists or supermarkets, in the department of items for babies.

Once you have found all the ingredients, all you have to do is melt the shea butter in the oven / microwave, add the other two ingredients and mix well until you have obtained a compact cream.

DIY tanning cream with coconut and olive oil

A second very useful formula if your purpose is to tan, is to use this cream. This cream, however, is not protective and should only be used after several sun exposures with a protective cream.

Its natural formulation is represented by one do-it-yourself sunscreen based on olive oil (150 ml), coconut oil (50 ml), beeswax (50 ml), the inevitable 2 tablespoons of zinc oxide and perfumed essential oil (of your choice, 5 drops are enough) .

Once you have all the ingredients, mix together the beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil and the essential oil of your favorite fragrance: intuitively, the fragrance will be reflected in the do it yourself sunscreen and, therefore, try to choose some that are pleasant to your nose (and to those around you!).

Once the ingredients have been taken, put the mixture in a bain-marie in order to facilitate the amalgamation of the various ingredients. When they are dissolved and perfectly fused together, add the zinc oxide, and continue mixing until the mixture has a creamy consistency. Then turn off the heat, let it cool and then pour into a container. Wait a day, and you've just made a nice one do-it-yourself sunscreen!

Tips to protect the skin from the sun

Before you leave us, allow us some little advice. We recommend that you always store the cream in a cool, dry place, inside a well-sealed glass container. Always carry the cream with you, remembering to apply it frequently and, in any case, after taking a bath or shower, before a new exposure. In any case, also remember that this formula (as well as all the others you can find on the market) will certainly not guarantee 100% protection from the effects of the sun and, therefore, especially in the hottest hours it would be advisable to avoid prolonged exposure. .

Finally, regarding the level of Sun protection that you could get, remember that a spoonful of zinc oxide provides a protection factor 10. It follows that the more spoons of this ingredient are placed in the sunscreen, the more the protection index is increased. In other words, with 2 tablespoons of zinc oxide, as per the latest recipe, a protection factor of 20 can be obtained.

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