Like riding a horse

Like riding a horse

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Like riding a horse: tips forride horseislearn to ride. From how to dress to tips you don't expect in the riding arena.

I know I am a lucky woman: when I was 8 my father gave me a horse! For me it was love at first sight and… learning to to ride it was a completely natural experience. Learn to horseback riding as adults, it becomes more difficult: you have to overcome the awkwardness with the animal which is so majestic and sometimes even unpredictable. Another hindrance is what you have with your body: those who are rigid should increase their body awareness!

If you are wonderinglike riding a horse, know that the wisest thing to do is take some riding lessons. Before starting with the riding lessons, here are some tips.

How to ride a horse

Beforeto ride you should understandhow to get on the horse. The first fundamental rule for riding a horse is: avoid putting yourself behind him. To get on the horse, always pass in front of the animal.

  • Stand to the left of the horse (if you are right!)
  • Grab the reins with your left hand and place it on the animal's neck.
  • With your right hand, grab the saddle arch or the pommel.
  • Raise your left leg and put your foot in the stirrup.
  • Leaning on the leg and maintaining balance with your hands, raise your right leg to assume the "astride" position.
  • Inget on the horsetry to keep your torso straight, without bending too much over the animal.
  • For the first few times, perform the movement slowly so as not to risk hitting the animal.
  • Once on, put your right foot into the right stirrup.

Getting on and off your horse are two gestures that over time will become part of you. To dismount you will have to do everything I have described above but with some steps in reverse. That is:

  • Grab the two reins with your left hand, use your right hand to keep your balance on the pommel of the saddle.
  • Take your right foot off the right stirrup first.
  • Raise your right leg by pivoting on your left foot.
  • Keep your torso straight.
  • Place your right foot on the ground, take your left foot off the stirrup.
  • Only when you have released your left foot from the stirrup can you release the horse's reins.

Like riding a horse

How to ride? Remember, it's not the horse alead youbut you lead him. If you use the steering wheel in a car and on a bike you use the handlebar to manage your vehicle, on thehorseyou have thereins.

The rule to learn is simple: if you pull the reins to the left, the horse will turn in this direction. If you pull the reins to the right instead, the horse will turn right. If you apply too much pressure, you can damage the horse, so be firm but gentle!

How to make the horse walk? Using legs and feet! If you put pressure on the "horse's stomach" using the heels of your boots, it will tend to move forward. If the horse isused to it,the movements of the feet and reins could be accompanied by words such asALTto make the horse stop eGOto make him walk.

To understandlike riding a horseor how to ride a horse, you should contact an experienced instructor. Even the animal does its part. There are, in fact, teaching horsesand accompanying horses.

If you are wondering how to ride a horse because he has already planned a day on horseback without ever having been there, make sure you have chosen "a walk for beginners". Would you ever dream of driving a car without a license? No right? So why forRide a horseshould it be different? It is true, there is no highway code but certainly a little preliminary practice, before a demanding hike, is necessary.

Managing a descent, an ascent or a steep path, riding a horse, is not an easy task. If you have decided to do an experience on horseback, make sure it can be oneHorse ridelight and suitable for everyone.

How to dress for horseback riding

Clothing also matters. If it is a demanding walk and you are inexperienced, use protective gear. In fact, protections are always recommended. Horse riding involves risks, protections protect you.

Go for comfortable clothing, what you already have in your locker is fine! Add only:

  • riding gear
  • riding boots

Also remember these two basic rules:

  • Never make sudden movements near the animal
  • Don't run to meet the horse
  • Never get behind the horse!

The horse perceives these situations as a threat and can assume defense behaviors that are dangerous for humans and difficult to manage.

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