Terre de Femmes Italy Award: Yves Rocher's commitment to support women and the environment

Terre de Femmes Italy Award: Yves Rocher's commitment to support women and the environment

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For over 25 years the Rocher Group supports the charitable initiatives of Yves Rocher Foundation and its actions aimed at supporting women and the environment. With a very specific purpose: to make a concrete contribution to improve the world. In this context the Terre de Femmes Award which in 2019 in Italy reaches its fourth edition.

What is the Terre de Femmes Prize

The Terre de Femmes Award supports the projects of women who in every corner of the world are committed to safeguarding the environment and biodiversity. Women who with energy, passion and determination work for the well-being of the planet, not only as experts but also in their daily lives.

So far 11 countries around the world have been involved, leading to the awarding of more than 430 women, with projects carried out in 50 different countries.

Various international studies highlight the fundamental role played by women in protecting the environment. These women's initiatives represent a response to the challenges of the future, contributing to the promotion of a development model capable of protecting biodiversity. These are the women, often excluded from subsidy programs and grants, that the Yves Rocher Foundation has decided to support.

Terre de Femmes Italy Award 2019-2020

Applications for the fourth Italian edition of Terre de Femmes will be open until September 12, 2019. The initiative will allow the funding of three projects with
following awards:

  • € 10,000 for the first winner;
  • € 5,000 for the second winner;
  • € 3,000 for the third winner.

The dossiers will be evaluated by a qualified jury of experts, committed to enhancing and protecting the environment and / or female talent, which will meet in October to select the three winning projects.

However, it will be necessary to wait for the National Ceremony to be held in Milan in December 2019 to reveal who of the three candidates will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

The candidate who will win the first prize of € 10,000 will have the opportunity to fly to Paris, to participate in the International Ceremony and to compete in the Terre de Femmes Grand Prix together with all the first winners of the nations involved. A jury of international experts will choose the project deemed most deserving, rewarding it with an additional sum of € 10,000. The Award Ceremony will be held in France between March and June 2020.

Last year the Terre de Femmes International Award, whose endowment is € 10,000. Not only all the candidates from the 11 countries of the previous editions can participate in this award, but any adult woman engaged in projects related to the theme that is defined annually according to the United Nations Sustainable Development objectives. Applications will be open from 15 September to 15 November 2019. The new edition will focus on the topic "P.Medicinal plants: between modernity and tradition.

How to apply for the Terre de Femmes Italia Award

Participation in the Terre de Femmes Prize is open to any adult woman engaged on a daily basis in projects in favor of the environment. In order to be screened, the initiative must already be launched, demonstrated by concrete actions and can be supported by non-profit associations.

The dossier and the complete regulations are available on the website of Yves Rocher.

The application must be sent to the email: [email protected]

The winners of the third edition of Terre de Femmes Italia

The first prize was awarded to Debora Rizzetto and his project The bee: sentinel and thermometer of the environment. The idea comes from a simple but essential concept: bees are the main guarantor of biodiversity and environmental and human health. They represent the most effective natural thermometer to evaluate the healthiness of the territory in which they live and live. Through the positioning of several urban hives, the project develops important biomonitoring activities public health and weekly research on pollutants, such as pesticides, heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

The € 10,000 prize awarded by the Yves Rocher Foundation is used for involve citizenship on the problems of environmental pollution present in their cities, organizing open meetings as well as dissemination activities in schools and public administrations. On a scientific level, the drafting of a manual is being carried out in which the guidelines are drawn up to propose the project in cities such as Milan, Turin, Grosseto and Naples.

The second prize was awarded to Giulia Detomati with the initiative B Corp Schools, aimed at carrying the culture of environmental sustainability at school to train the new generations of entrepreneurs and citizens who are aware that they care about the respect of the planet. The € 5,000 prize is used to cover the costs related to the communication activities of the project and the green start-up designed by the children of the schools involved.

The third prize was awarded to Chiara Of Women with the initiative Orto² - OrtoQuadrato, an innovative model of social agriculture that can be used by everyone, small and large, by people with or without frailty, and usually carried out in an urban context at high risk or to be redeveloped. Each Garden² is configured as a common good that facilitates the relationship and exchange between man and nature. The € 3,000 prize is used to finance the Orto² training course for 20 volunteers and to organize “open door” meetings in order to involve the neighborhood, children and families.

Yves Rocher for the environment: the "Plant the Planet" project

Yves Rocher's commitment to the environment does not stop at the Terre de Femmes Award. The Group also supports the Yves Rocher Foundation in the reforestation project We plant for the planet, launched in 2007. So far they have already been planted more than 88 million trees at the rate of 1 tree every 3 seconds in 27 countries.

But the initiative sets a new ambitious goal: planting 100 million trees by 2020. A further commitment to biodiversity to achieve the most important goal of a better Planet and future.

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