Swelling in the feet: causes and remedies

Swelling in the feet: causes and remedies

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Swelling in the feet: causes and remediesto relieve a sense of tiredness, heaviness and to completely solve the problem.

Theswelling in the feetit is a very frequent nuisance that tends to manifest itself more in summer, on hot days and, in general, with rising temperatures. Let's see what thecausesand iremediesagainst theswelling in the feet.

Swollen feet: causes

Thecauses of swelling in the feet should be investigated with your doctor, only in this way can you identify thecauseupstream of the problem.

Generalizing, thecauseof swollen feetmust be investigated in the circulatory system. In particular, onepoor venous circulationcauseankles and swollen feet. High temperatures, in this context, aggravate the situation.

Otherssymptomsrelated toswelling of the feet causedfrom poor venous circulation are:

  • Heaviness in the legs
  • Swollen ankles
  • Sense of fatigue in the lower limbs

These symptoms occur mostly at the end of the day, which is why many patients report the problem ofswollen feet in the evening.

Blood circulation

Why did we tell you about "bad venous circulation" and not "bad blood circulation"? Because, generally, those who suffer fromswelling in the feethas no arterial circulation problems.

Arterial blood, rich in oxygen, easily reaches the extremities of the body (hands and feet) because it is aided by the force of gravity. Venous blood, on the other hand, deprived of oxygen and which "returns" from the feet to the heart, faces a more difficult path.

How does venous blood reach the heart overcoming the force of gravity? Inside the foot there is amuscle and venous structurewhich, at each step, pushes the blood upwards, the rest of the path is facilitated by membranous valves present inside the veins and which allow blood flow in a single direction, upwards and then towards the heart . The problem arises when leading one lifestyleexcessively sedentary.

Swelling in the feet

Now that you understand thecauseat the base of theswollen feet, it will be easy for you to imagine what theremediesto this problem: physical activity, even modest, but constant.

Moving is essential for our circulatory system. Thevenous diseasesespecially those who:

  • Leads a sedentary life
  • It does a job that takes many hoursstand still

People most at risk of having problemsswollen ankles and feet, therefore, they are those who make professions such as:

  • Cooks
  • Ironer
  • Orders
  • Those who work sitting in very hot environments
  • Hairdressers
  • Dentists
  • Who works on ships

All people, especially those belonging to categories at riskvenous diseases, they should try to move.

Swollen feet remedies

The most suitable activities to prevent the problem ofswelling in the feet and anklesare the practice of cycling (just walk 30 minutes a day by bike) and swimming (from 30 minutes to an hour).

Even hobby activities such as garden and garden care, which can keep you moving, can be useful practices.

If you do a job that takes you to sit for many hours a day or stand still, take small breaks: stretch your legs while also bouncing on your toes.

Othersremediesto solve the problem ofswelling in the feetI'm:

  • Avoid high heels
  • Don't consume alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Improve intestinal health

Constipation, in fact, increases the pressure inside the abdomen, increasing the risk of venous disease (the return of blood to the heart, and therefore the venous work will be more complicated).

Try to introduce, in your diet, foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables ... even raw vegetables!

How to relieve foot swelling

Immediately, that is, when the problem of the feet occurs e swollen ankles, you can take advantage of very simple natural remedies such as:

  • A cold foot bath
  • Cold shower of the leg, from the foot to the knee

Cold water can be a good ally. In the case of a foot bath, all you have to do is immerse your feet in a basin containing very cold water and keep them soaked for short periods: 20 - 40 seconds are enough. Wait about a minute between one dive and the next.

For the shower, just use the hand shower in the bath or shower and wet the area from the foot to the knee. It starts from the tip of the foot and continues with a soft jet of fresh water along the entire calf, up to the knee.

Theseremedies for swollen feetthey are very effective to relieve that sense of tiredness and heaviness but to be decisive, they must be associated with a healthy lifestyle.

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